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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by bumhole, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Although I never served there, I am often in Singapore and I am always amazed at how British it still is.

    By chance today I stumbled on a blog that had a section on old military barracks and bases. some of the old and bold may remember:

    Ayer Rajah Camp, formerly part of the British’s Pasir Panjang Complex that also included the Gillman Barracks and Alexandra Camp.

    Beach Road Camp

    Blakang Mati Artillery Barracks

    Changi Command Barracks

    Haig Road Camp, (Old) Keat Hong Camp and Simon Road Camp

    Mowbray Camp

    Nee Soon Camp

    Selarang Camp

    Seletar Camp

    Tanglin Barracks

    There is a lost of the other barracks and camps at the end of the post.

    Remember Singapore | remember the good old days…

    Memories, anyone?
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  2. ******* built a runway over my old house
  3. Changi? Got any photos?????

    (Not of the runway.....)
  4. I served there with HQ NZFORSEA in 1989; most of those facilities had already been adandoned for over 10 years by then. I lived in a very nice bungalo - actually, mounted on pillars, of course, in Kings Avenue, overlooking Sembawang basin.
  5. Just spent an hour browsing the web looking at Changi Commando Barracks, which apparently were built in 1935 for the Royal Engineers.

    They are now being incorporated into a 5 star hotel, as these places often are, but its good to see the buldozers haven't hit....
  6. what about Gilman barracks, and the BMH, all the married pads are still there in Sembewang hills, 5 Gurkha dog company in Ulu Pandaan is now the Singapore police dog training unit, lots places for the old and bold if you know where to look!!Zam Zams has moved to near the Merlion, Johnny Two thumbs the tattooist is still on orchard road,the tattoo parlour is run by his 2 daughters
  7. Bumhole, sorry mate - the house photos are a long way away from me - but it was indeed Changi. I understand the NZ party house up the top of the island is also gone? Greenleaf center or some such?
  8. I really envy you guys. I was just too young to see the end of Britain as a great colonial military power, compete with interesting postings. Doubtless it didn't feel like it to you lot at the time.

    Old boys came back to my school in uniform and gave talks on Aden and the Far East. Heady "Boys Own" stuff for a young kid in short trousers.

    By the time I was old enough it was all over. Singapore and all of the SE Asia bases were gone, as was much of the Middle East stuff. I think Terendak was just built but no one talked about it. By the early 70s it all seemed doom and gloom.

    You bastards had the experiences.
  9. Meiktila Barracks, Rawson Block, home of single soldiers and bean stealers belonging to 249 Signal Squadron (FARELF). Co located with 18 Signal Regiment we had our own compound in Princess Mary Barracks a 10 minute walk away either by the main road or the path through the bondu. I worked for a six month stint in Tanglin Barracks where our crypto gear was located.

    There are a load more pictures at for those interested.

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  10. My thoughts exactly.
  11. My dad was a pilot on the Shackleton, 205sqn at RAF Changi '69-'72. We lived at 26 Tow Ave, then in a bungalow at the bottom of the hill from the Officers Mess. Many happy memories trips up to Frasers Hill in Malaya really stand out. I have recently stumbled across a good site, RAF Singapore.
  12. And for 237 Signal Squadron

    18 Signal Regiment

    208 Signal Squadron

    And for scaleys everywhere: Royal Signals Contact Gallery
  13. No link for Nee Soon!! Not really needed though, just watch "Virgin Soldiers" filmed on location there.
  14. With all due respect, Chods, Rawson block** was in Princess Mary barracks. I don't think those blocks in Meiktila were named.

    ** I hope I've interpreted your statement correctly :)