Singapore - At night

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Closet_Jibber, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. I'm actually quite looking forward to this one.

    Any takers for the winner?
  2. Hopefully Hamilton of course. But if his qual is anything to go by, he's fcuked.

    Having looked at the circuit, there aren't many overtaking oppurtunities so the result may well be resolved in the pit lane. Hopefully Ferrari will run over a few more of thier pit crew and feck it up.

    The reality is, Massa is strong to win but its a new circuit to them all so it may be anyones game.

    So basically, I've no fcuking idea!
  3. Hence me failing to comment.

    Its quite slow in 6 of the 23 bends however I think this will cause queueing rater than any real overtaking oppurtunity. (note: I've resorted to research on this one :D )

    My money is on Ferrari aslong as the whether stays off.
  4. Yep, unfortunatley it may be Ferraris day (or night). Hamilton is in a Ferrari sandwich and I wouldn't put it past the dirty feckers to punt him into the wall early on.
  5. Watching the qualifying yesterday, the corners seem a bit tight, the cars coming out of the turnsonly just seemed to miss the walls.
  6. Will probably see a fair few laps under safety car, there is almost no run offs.

    Hopefully Lewis, but like TLFH said it pit strategy will be crucial
  7. My sodding brother and his entire family are there for the duration as guests of his bro-in-law; first class, no less. Hope he catches asian flu.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I hope that little turd massa gets stuffed into the wall. 'I'd be a worthy world champion even if I won it because of Spa.'
    would you bollcoks - if you had an ounce of class you'd have given the win back, seeing as you were well and truly beaten. Ferrari are a bunch of hypocritical lying sh1tes and the FIA arent much better. I used to love F1- now it's getting to the point where if the FIA keep messing around I doubt I'll be watching much longer.
  9. Piquet's out, hit both crash walls !!!
  10. As per usual, massa tries some in flight refueling. Bunch of cretins!

    Chuffed to feck!!!!!! :D :D :D
  11. another ferrari fuelling disaster. the question is did manage to fuel up with the right amount before it went all wrong. maybe they might go back to having a lollipop man now
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    * forsees the FIA awarding the race to massa after ferrari complain maclaren were nasty to them *
  13. Yep. Ferrari have fecked up dangerously in the pit for the past 4 races with no investigation, no penalty, feck all.
  14. Massa has to receive a penalty for another unsafe release. And should be a huge fine for ferrari for this automatic pit system
  15. Straight into the path of Sebastian as well. Be interesting to see if he gets a drive through (being Ferrari, the FIA will probably blame God and knock 5 minutes off Massa's race time)