Sing Their Souls Back Home - Billy Bragg


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pyrogenica said:
for those who have never heard of John Cooper Clark, here's an example:
By coincidence I just downloaded "Beasley Street" this morning just to hear the line "People turn to poison faster than lager turns to p1ss" again. JCC was a real wordsmith and was even portrayed in the recent film Control about Joy Division's Ian Curtis.

Ref B.Bragg. I don't think he really fits the Bollinger Bolshevik label that folks are pinning on him. The way I see it, he's an Essex lad done good who's never forgotten his roots. Besides his song "Like Soldiers Do" will ring bells for anyone who's ever undergone military training. In fact I think was used in one of those fly on the wall recruit training documentaries.
So its agreed then?

1. He was a bit of a knob in the 80's.

2. Not so much of a knob in the millennium.

3. Great lyricist(in the style of Paul Weller), although with potential to be up there with Cohen and Cooper Clarke! :D

Job Done

I say again "Well done Billy"

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