Sing Their Souls Back Home - Billy Bragg

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Jimmy_Kranke, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Just watched Billy Bragg on the Andrew Marr Show, singing his latest song live on the prog. The lyrics are obviously about the lack of empathy or interest from the great British Public for the guys and girls fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Can any techies find a link?

    Well done Billy.
  2. I'd hope he would want to bring more than just their 'souls' back home...... and if it was Billy he was probably on about pulling everyone out and leaving them to it.
  3. Mmmm, Thanks for the link HJ. Having re visited the song, its clearly a "Bring em" home anthem. Sentiments I don't necessarily disagree with, certainly in relation to Iraq.
  4. Could have guessed as much.... and I didn't even see the lyrics
  5. The man remains a pointless champagne socialist. Seeing 'social justice' in anything that undermines the UK. He's a throwback to wnaky '80s broad left failure politics. I am suprised that he is on the TV at all and that anyone takes him seriously.
  6. Agreed his politics have been bleeding heart, but look at his contemporaries who decided to become more mainstream, many of them then ended up as ministers, and what a cracking job they've done!!! Its a song ffs, not an attempt to overthrow HMG.

    I suspect like everyone else of his generation, his view on life will have changed considerably over the years. His take on being English as an example.
  7. Billy Bragg has moved way in to the centre and is now more "green" than "red". He has even given up arrse fancying and has joined the majority tendency...
  8. Still rather a tedious little man all the same.
  9. Don't knock him - unlike many of our political masters, Tpr Bragg knows what its like to have been in the ranks and while I may not always agree with his politics, he get's a general nod of approval for that as far as I'm concerned...
  10. He PVR'd after 3 months ffs, hardly qualifies him as a squaddie :roll: ....not to me anyway, cracking love songs, but champagne socialist politics, man of the people in a big mansion in Devon, just like all the lefties end up
  11. On the basis of the considerable time spent in prior to buying himself out before he'd even completed training I presume....
  12. Except he bought himself out when the going got tough. The man couldn't give a toss about soldiers. The army is just the stick of the moment with which to beat the government, it's fashionable, nothing more. The man is not even original.
  13. You could PVR after three months? :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:

    They should have told the AAC - there were a few Air Troopers over the years who would have got out soooooo much sooner. WE were told that after three months we had to do a three year term
  14. Could be wrong about that but he most definitley PVR'd before he passed out .....hence not a squaddie.