Sing along ... Bohemian Curry...

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Viki_127, Jun 22, 2004.

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  1. Naan-aa, just killed a man
    Poppadum against his head
    Had Lime Pickle, now he's dead.
    Naan-aa, dinner just begun
    But now I'm going to crap it all away.
    Naan-aa, ooh-ooh
    Didn't mean to make you cry,
    Seen nothin' yet, just see the loo tomorrow,
    Curry on, curry on,
    'cause nothing really Madras.
    Too late, my dinner's gone
    Sends shivers up my spine
    Rectum aching all the time.
    Goodbye every Bhaji, I've got to go, Gotta leave you all behind
    and use the loo
    Naan-aa, ooh ooh,
    This Dopiaza's mild,
    I sometimes wish we'd never come here at all ...

    (guitar solo)

    I see a little Chicken Tikka on the side,
    Rogan Josh, Rogan Josh
    Pass the chutney made of mango.
    Vindaloo does nicely
    Very very spicy
    Biryani (Biryani)
    Biryani (Biryani)
    Biryani and a naan,
    (A Vindaloo loo looo ...)
    I've eaten Balti, somebody help me
    He's eaten Balti, get him to a lavatory
    Stand you well back
    'Cause this loo is quarantined.
    Here it comes,
    There it goes,
    Technicolour yawn.
    I chunder
    It's coming up again
    (There he goes) I chunder
    It's coming up again
    (There he goes) It's coming up again, (Up again)
    Coming up again (up again)
    Here it comes again
    (No no no no no no no no no No).
    On my knees, I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees
    Oh there he goes
    This Vindaloo
    Is about to wreck my guts
    Poor me ... Poor me ... Poor me!

    (guitar solo)

    So you think you can chunder and still it's allright?
    So you want to eat curry and drink beer all night?
    Ohh maybe, now you'll puke like a baby,
    Just had to come out,
    Just had to come right out in here ...

    (guitar solo)

    Korma, Saag or Bhuna,
    Balti, Naan, Bhaji.
    Nothing makes a difference
    Nothing makes a difference to me
    (Any way my wind blows).

    Bored so thought i wld entertain u all with a Song
  2. Good Drills.

    Got any more?

  3. Ill find some!!!
  4. The England Football Coach, Sven Goran Ericsson is on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and has reached the million pound question.

    Chris Tarrant says "Right Sven, this is for one million pounds, and
    remember, you still have two lifelines left, so please take your time.'

    Here's your question: What type of animal lives in a Sett ?

    Is it...
    a) badger
    b) a ferret
    c) a mole or
    d) a cuckoo?

    Sven ponders for a while and says "No, I'm sorry Chris, I'm not too sure. I'll have to go 50-50."

    Right, Sven, let's take away two wrong answers and see what you're left with.
    " Badger" and "Cuckoo" are the two remaining answers.

    Sven has a long think, then scratches his head and says "No, Chris, I'm still not sure, I'm going to have to phone a friend."

    So who are you going to call, Sven?" says Chris

    mmm.. I think I'll call David Beckham."

    So Tarrant phones David Beckham. "David, this is Chris Tarrant from 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'. I've got Sven Goran Ericsson here, and with your help he could win one million pounds. The next voice you hear will be Sven's".

    "Hello David" says Sven. "It's the boss here. What type of animal lives in a sett? Is it a badger or a cuckoo?"

    It's a badger, boss." says Becks without hesitation.

    You sure, son?" says Sven.

    "Definitely, boss. One hundred per cent. It's a badger. Definitely

    Right, Chris," says Sven, "I'll go with David. The answer's a badger.

    Final answer.

    " Sven," says Chris, "That's the correct answer. You've won One Million Pounds!!"

    Cue wild celebrations.

    Next morning at training, Sven calls Beckham across. "Son, that was brilliant last night. I thought I might be taking a gamble giving you a call, but you played a blinder! But how the hell did you know that a badger lives in a sett?"

    Oh... I didn't, boss," replies Beckham, "But everybody knows a cuckoo lives in a clock"