Since you have been in the army has it got worse or better?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by bitterandtwisted, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. My view is bring back the good old days
  2. Dear Bitterandtwisted,

    I dont know if its really got worse or better......all I know is that I have had enough. Only 5 1/2 years left till that magic 22. I regret not leaving at my 12 year point. I bitterly regret not leaving at my 12yr point. I was offered A position in New Zealand and really wish I had gone there.

    The Army has changed to reflect the views and capabilities of society as a whole. A big organisation like the Army cannot cater for individual tastes. Come to think of it ......Who is the "Army"....?

    Now my health is failing rapidly and I have to go on a course of injections for life.....all because some RAMC Doc couldnt make a decision on whether or not to put his name on the prescription.

    We are but numbers in a massive mathematical equation.....we are just numbers.
  3. Can I be 7?
  4. Like the man said:

    Dont get a sad on, get a mag on and stag on
  5. Since I left it has got worse but then that was only to be expected. I first joined in 1979 and it has been getting progressively less wholesome and despite improved technology (hits and misses taken by the by) the sum of the parts is less than the whole.
  6. its the playstation generation im afraid!
  7. So true, community service doesn't generate the thuggish, giftedly violent soldiers that Borstals did...and frankly the decline in the officer class is due to the lack of dilution of public school ruperts with grammar school candidates...
  8. Joined in 1980 and was relatively busy for many years. Left Sep last year after being exceptionally busy due to more being needed to be done by less. You know it is getting bad when you cannot reasonably dissuade those who wish to leave because most of their points are valid.

    The applying for a commission route was an option for me prior to getting out but following discussions with Mrs M I didn't even submit an application. Didn't want to carry on with all the sh*te including time away from home etc.

    Also doesn't help when the raw product being supplied by society at the young goods in stage is quite often of dubious quality nowadays.
  9. Indeed. remember old school RGJ WO2 waxing lyrical about the changes in recruit training. In his day, it was nothing but Phys, phys and then GPMG drills, which came in handy as that seemed to be the sum total of his first few years as a nig.

    He was, however, very enlightened and praising about the level and quality of training that current recruits get, but- "its just a shame the way they break so easily!" :lol: :lol:
  10. Nope, thats mine, but you can be 7.5 if we do halfs

    Fact is, if you feel like that you are a whinging cnut. New Zealand was your choice not to have been chosen at the time. Everybody say aaaaahhhhhhh!
  11. Which ones? First World War, Second World War, Suez etc etc etc etc. Or just when you felt more comfortable and it suits you better. It is what it is, like it or fcuking get out.
  12. The army doesn't provide us any less - it's just that we all expect to get more. Don't enjoy stagging on, painting wagons, etc? Either grin and bear it, and do the job you signed up for, or get out! Our armed forces are better off without whinging gits trying to buck the system with incessant bitching. This is one of the easiest jobs in the world, and you won't see me getting out, because I know how hard real work can really be.