Since working from home started

Are you a shinybum remf?

  • yes err well a valuable under used asset really

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  • No I'm a worker and cant get to my macj=hine during the working day!

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Oh about 3 months ago for me I have noticed a few trends, from less afternoon sex when the kids are off school to a dearth of posting from about 1630 through to around the 1830 hrs mark. I wonder how many regular daytime arrssers are shinybums in office jobs as opposed to those sad twilight lurkers?


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Er, yes, I am a shiny-arrse, but erm, VERY hard working, and despite this, due to my love of all things ARRSE, I take time out to erm, trol . . . add to the ongoing debates and discussions.
It's all I do at work at the moment. It's nice not to be busy for a change, won't last though.
Ord_Sgt said:
It's all I do at work at the moment. It's nice not to be busy for a change, won't last though.
Ditto to that - what's the point of going to work if not to use the kit for personal purposes?!
Couple of tips,work time is the time to have a dump,phone the other half,browse e bay,phone yer mates on the company dog,plan yer weekend,chew the fat with mates you haven't seen for a couple of hours and if there's time then nip up the town to get any essentials.
God, I hope I never have to get a proper job.
Oh, I'm a vital cog in the wheels of my workplace. I only take time to dip into arrse because it:

1. Keeps me abreast of current affairs and the crucial issues of the day.

2. Refreshes my mind by distracting it from the tasks in hand while not allowing it to switch off, after the fashion of "a change is a s good as a rest".

3. Allows me to spill the twisted psychological remnants of the young squaddie I used to be in a safe and controlled manner that won't traumatise my co-workers.

4. I can and no-one seems prepared to stop me.
I personally am the backbone of this nations telephony network, without me the system would go into meltdown within hours and you arrsers would have to pay some attention to your families/hated colleagues instead of posting on here.

But I do have the benefit of working only 4 days a week and most days am home by 1430.

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