Since this is the NAAFI bar, how much do you drink?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Whey_Aye_Banzai, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. Being tee-total - because I've ripped the arse out of drinking over many years (I'm a propa greedy twat) - I'm always interested in hearing about other people's drinking habits.

    My drinking regime was fairly extreme, hence my current abstinence; nearly two years; I don't even gargle with mouthwash that contains alcohol in it since I've drank that in tight spots; Listerine was my favourite since it had a high alcohol content; but that ended up with me being in a bad way due to the other stuff in it.

    Anyway, I don't miss drinking and hopefully that'll stay this way; but I'd like to hear about your drinking habits!

    Go on, make me jealous!
  2. Lefty and I enjoy a camomile tea on a bright Sunday afternoon.
  3. as much rioja as I can possibly consume
  4. Drinking habit? Is that the monastic equivalent of a smoking jacket?

    If so, I don't have one. But I do have a pair of "lucky" long johns.
  5. Getting battered in NI on bottles of vodka lead me towards the joy of smoking spliffs. Being able to control my drug intake as allowed me to experiment with a numerous amounts of different mind altering substances. I'm squiffed on booze at the moment (lager down the pub and wine back home). I feel sorry for you. You haven't got the dicipline to keep the demons under control fucking wimp.....................GET WASTED AND KILL SOME FUGKER.......................................

    I KNOW I DID :)
  6. After a very involved discussion with KP, Boots, Maka, Spaz and the dog, I reckon we drink as much as we can before vomiting, and then start all over again.

    It's the law innit?
  7. Does the dog drink too? I thought Pip was your designated driver.
  8. When my first born was delivered by the Stork (that margarine gets around eh?) I gave up the drink.

    I was tee total for ten years, apart from Hogmanay of course - and New Years Day... and the day after.

    As I was underweight and looking anorexic, I took up the drink again ten years ago.

    To be honest, I haven't looked back since - why should I?

    I can't remember yesterday, never mind ten years ago...
  9. Apart from the fact that I am watching the UFC live and drinking vodka, I rarely drink. Maybe once a month if I go out.
  10. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Didn't follow the instructions that came with the Last Tango did you Sparky hmmmmmmmm
  11. I stay off the booze Mon - Thu, and the next 3 days pass in a drunken / hungover haze, then repeat and rinse Thats normal adult behavior isn't it?

  12. As for being a Regimental Piss-head many, many, many moons ago when Young Uncle V was much younger, to loosing a promising Army Career (for what it was in the 1970s), when the Colonel busted moi from Cpl to Siggy..... now that was a sobering experience. But Oi still drank like a fish for many a year more....

    Now Old Uncle V is a boring old fart who hasn't had a alkie drink for over 20 years..... and hasn't had his collar felt by Old Bill for many, many years......... nor had a regualr visit to A&E to be stitched up yet again after falling down.....

    Is life boring, or is life boring..... not one bit of it....... If Uncle V is pulled over for driving.... it won't be for having too many cans of Specshul Bru...... maybe for driving an overloaded vehicle..... you see UV is ever so slightly on the large size...... f'wat b'stards... some may say...... but hey..... drinking coffee, eating cakes and watching the world go by sat outside a nice 'Costas' coffee shop is better than being turffed head-first out of a Pub door once again, by a couple of burly Bouncers and told "Do not come back ye drunken tw*t...!"
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    my first job at age 16 was doing the pots ( and eventually graduating to the kitchen ) in a bar/restaurant type affair in south manchester - to say there was a drinking culture there is a bit like saying WW2 was a bit of a spat. the owner didnt care if the staff stayed back after hours till the cleaners came in in the morning, as long as you put a few quid in the till to cover what you'd had.
    reached a peak around the summer of 1992 where I could quite easily put away a bottle and a half of JD's on a night out - and still not be that drunk. I quit drinking completely for 18 months at the age of 23 - I found it concentrated the mind wonderfully.
    nowadays, I can take it or leave it - I certainly dont (and dont think I could) drink anywhere near as much as I used to, and I dont feel the need to either.
    but for me it's always been a social thing - I remember reading somewhere or other drinking on your own is an early sign of alcoholism, and as a result it's incredibly rare for me to have one when I'm on my own. my uncle drank himself to death by his early forties, and it's a miserable, nasty way to go - both for the drinker and the people around him.
  14. Me and Mrs Dont drink about 6 ltrs of cheap red plonk over a weekend.
    I think she looks a lot better when she is a bit blurred around the edges and she prefers to wake up with no memory of what else we got up to.
  15. One too many double baggers did it for me.You know that feeling right? Never ever again you think,after seeing the ugly monster lying in her own puke next to you.So I laid off the booze,and the dogs.
    The downside,after half a shandy I feel quite merry.The uspside,it's a cheap night out.