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Hi, a serious request, does anyone have any info on how to become a sim instructor (probably LX) within the next couple of years.  Am an uncurrent QHI who wishes to pursue this line of work.  Any suggestions or contacts would be appreciated.  Thanks.


First thing to do would be to get back working as a QHI, there's a world of difference in perception from potential employers between current and uncurrent.

Don't sell yourself short by restricting yourself to Lynx either, if you can instruct on a twin you can have a crack at most helos. I've heard that the setup at Benson is good and pays well. They were advertising late last year.
I also agree that you should get as much info from the Sim guys at Wallop etc.

Good Luck



Lxbloke, did you by any chance have a large roof conversion in your house, when you were at Wallop in the 90s?


I thought you had to be at least 75, never touched an aircraft since WW2 and a good mate of the CFI's cocktail 'old boy' brigade?

The guy who was in the 'Wallop' Lynx Sim fitted all the above perfectly!

Need to talk to you Lxbloke!

I think we need to try and eat a Big Mac in one mouthful whilst stealing beers in Hannover again!!!!!!

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