Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Yatesy, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. marge just said i dont want that judgemental bitch in my house, i nearly pissed myself worship:
  2. Mmmm, judgemenal bitch!

    I had a wet dream recently where Marge was featured very prominently.

    I wonder if she swallows?
  3. Apparently in the next episode to be shown in the US, Marge is revealed as a bukkake whore - so yes, DD, she probably does swallow.
  4. Marge doesn't actually swallow, but her 2 sisters do.
  5. Bukkake normally involves a group of males using a female's face and body as an unloading bay.

    The whole purpose of this worthwhile enterprise is to cover the woman in paste and take photos or video footage.

    I've never attende.......errr, seen a Bukkake video featuring a thirsty bird.
  6. My point was that if Marge was willing to let Apu, Chief Wiggum, Grandpa Simpson, Troy McClure and the Comic-book Guy cover her in manfat, she'd probably be willing to swallow. Difficult to imagine her allowing that, but then turning up her nose at gulping down a pint of so freshly squeezed sp*nk.

    And you aren't attending - sorry, watching - the right videos :D
  7. I got to the end of the first sentence before blowing DNA into the atmosphere.

    Thank you, I'm now off for a cigarette.
  8. :thumleft:

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  9. Totally off thread but,

    I can remember seeing a 'comic' from an enterprising bloke from the oil rigs.

    It featured those well known Sunday Post characters the 'Broons' and 'Oor Willie'.

    Somehow I don't envisage the editors of those comic stips ever imagining Daphne Broon being taken anally by Oor Willie whilst his mate 'Soapie Souter' dumps his muck in her throat.

    It was cartoon porn of the eighties I tell you!