Simpsons World . BBC24 15/08

Saw this in the wee small hours this AM , where Simpson was out with a Coldstream patrol in Basra.

Interviewed soldiers , and in particular, a young Signaller. Just wanted to say for a young 'un , he was wiser than his years, and certainly did the Army a lot of good.

Well done you :) (Even Simpson was impressed)
Was it Bart or Homer?
Platoon Signaller , and John Simpson. Just to get back on thread.
I'm amazed Simpson managed to get through an interview without blowing smoke up his own arrse, that man like's the sound of his own voice a little too much
Yeah I saw that, I thought the coments about the Spams where amuseing, then he goes and picks on the sig, Even I thought he looked about 4..

The entire thing was quite intresting, although it got a bit repative. The err... coments err... from the err... officer were err... good :) (not that I could do any better). I tried finding a link to it online but the BBC dosen't do it online.
The Sig looked bloody young, but carefully avoided the "We're better than the Spams" trap. Good lad.


PartTimePongo said:
The Sig looked bloody young, but carefully avoided the "We're better than the Spams" trap. Good lad.
I agree. I caught this on Sunday. That young lad did the army a lot of good.
Caught the program on BBC World on Sunday afternoon. The lads involved all came across very well, in particular the sergeant. I was interested to see the young officer wearing his beret cf. the others; appreciated his explanation but nevertheless would question how wise it is to mark oneself out from the others on patrol?

Most amusing bit though involved the iraqi fella with all the kids ands the "sick daughter". Reminded me of "Fagin" in Oliver - especially when he tried to flog Simpson some ciggies from the carton his little lad was carrying :)

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