Simply cant understand it...


Look, if three burly dudes in street clothes start banging on my door one night and try and force their way into my home, I don't care if they're yelling "Police!" or "Singing Telegram!", that's why I keep a loaded M4 carbine in the house. They're not dressed like cops, and I can think of no reason the police would need to get into my house, so my natural assumption would be that these were home invaders of some sort.

... and don't intend to get into a discussion over it either. Thank goodness I live in the UK.



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I could swear there was a thread about excessive police militarization a few months ago. Stories of police depts using SWAT teams at the slightest excuse - for the most trivial of warrants. In one case, a man thought he was being burgled and shot a SWAT team member as the "assailants" stormed into his bedroom. They'd given him no warning and hadn't identified themselves properly. Yet he's now serving a lengthy sentence.
I don't see your issue. I keep a loaded pistol in my house. Only does me any good when I'm in my bedroom as I don't carry it around the house and that's where it lives, but that's really just because I haven't been arsed to go shopping for an IWB holster.

My rifle is kept in its box, but I do have some loaded 30-round magazines near it. Steel ones, built for the L85, actually. I find they're a little more solid than the lightweight USGI type.


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