Simple: Will we Invade Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad_Crow, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not in My lifetime

  1. The Title says it all who thinks Op Persian Freedom as it has been dubbed will actually happen?
  2. only if I get a free rug!
  3. Of course it will happen. After all, you cant move around here for the spare troops, aircraft, helicopters and ships we have with which to mount the Op
  4. We won't occupy the place, but I can see a fcuking mahoosive air campaign and a large SF commitent to destabilise the country until regime change, or at least a change of leader, is effected. USA and UK for definate will be involved, NOT Israel - they have enough problems without completely alienating (even more) the rest of the Middle East.
  5. Depends when the Yanks tell us to, of course
  6. There's no point in invading, but I can see the value of turning the place into a parking lot.
  7. Hopefully Bush doesn't read ARRSE or he might read this topic and get a bright new idea....
  8. only when our troops come back from iraq.
    thats when we will go to iran.

    smart move from the bigwigs.
    the cnuts
  9. So you expect that by 2030 there could be some sh1t hot best sellers out about us supplying Iranian criminals with the means to fcuk up their country. Only to have to move in and occupy the place 25 years later. Where have we heard this before?
  10. You see just been discussing it with a marra then. We reckon with our troops "Consolidating" In Iraq and fighting like hell to do the same in Afghan. Are we positioning our chess pieces for the big Pincer.

    When i say big i obviously mean two-up section attack as thats all we'll have left.
  11. The fact is, a large proportion of the Iranian populace are actually pro-western, and its simply a case of waiting until this dinner jacket bloke gets voted out.
  12. does anyone else see that this exact same thing happened in 2003, and now we are regretting it, with even many topbrass lads admitting that Iraq is a lost cause. Iran is (roughly) 3 times bigger than Iraq, meaning that the Armies resources will be stretched to its limits. this could possibly turn into another N.I but much much worse
  13. Why? Invade Poland instead. Oh no, wait, that's been done before.
  14. and some very serious fire power.
    so i have been told.