Simple test

A local building and construction firm were approached by Paddy O'Shea (a man of unknown nationality) for a job.
The firm already had quite a number of unknown nationality persons and therefore the foreman was a bit reluctant to employ yet another. He decided to carry out a simple intelligence test....
"Paddy", said the foreman "If you can tell me which is the front of that tree I'll set you on".
Paddy, of unkown nationality replies, "OK Sor, not a problem"...
Paddy walked to the tree and investigated. After a minute or two he shouted to the foreman..."Sor, Sor....this is the front of the tree" pointing at it.
The foreman asked " But Paddy how do you know that's the front of the tree"? To which Paddy replied.."Ah well, you see someones had a shit behind it".

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