Simple Solutions to government Problems

The Prison Crisis

Illegal Immigration

Youth Disorder

Over worked NHS

So can any of you give the government a picture to paint a thousand words?

They obviously need our help to sort out this country!
Joy Riders



cant do this with pictures... but an intelligence test on cash machines... 3 questions... all 3 right and you get all the money you asked for... 2 right some money... 1 right very little money.... 0 right no money for the rest of the day. Chavs will starve in to extinction in about 2 months tops.
they've already found the solution to the problem of feral kids on the streets early release of sex offenders due to prison overcrowding
JoshMillss said:
Sell illegal immigrants to Russia,
No one will ever know they disappeared.
:D Sorry, JoshMillss

"15 January 2007
As a result of a recent crackdown on illegal immigration into Russia, some tough new laws are coming into effect that will limit the percentage of foreign-born workers who may take jobs in some areas.
The new law was proposed after race riots in northern Russia last summer. In the aftermath of the riots, President Vladimir Putin spoke of the need to defend the interests of the native population..."
Hootch said:
Role model for young black men
bit harsh to want them all to go & get themselves shot to bits, is'nt it :? :? :? :?
A tried and tested solution to not just Government problems...

Solution to Chavs and Prison Overcrowding: compulsary overnight stays in Arbroath...a town where the locals think The Wicker Man was a documentary... :twisted:
Exterminate litigation and Human Rights law practices, remove all danger signs on anything that can harm the user, pre-pubescent IQ testing with sterilisation as the prize for getting less than the average for your test sequence.

Not perfect,but soon we'll reduce the incidence of the stupid gene
Re-establish the natural link between actions and consequences.

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