Simple Simon

How do you dooddy place an avataar/ aardvark of your choice on this poxy site when you haven't got the copmputer mentis????

The instructions say more than 10 kitsbullahas will be allowed???
The computer says HTTMP or HTTP or feckin similar!

How does one do it? How do you reduce your aviator to fit the feckin requirements???

Simple instructions for a geriatric simpleton......Ta!

8O hooped. mk

are you a touch tipsey, perchance?


edited to add, I used microsoft paint to reduce the size of my chosen image. Open the image and 'stretch' it by a value less than 100% until you reach the required size.
Open picture with office picture manager (default if you have office).

Click Picture/resize and set it to 10 kitsbullahas x 10 wahangas

Save as


Of course if you dont have picture manager then tuff :)

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