Simple quick question.

How long does it normally take from when you hand in your medical form to getting a phone call to arrange a interview, I understand mine will take a little longer than usual as i seen a phycologist early last year and that will go down on record. Handed it in two weeks ago, I'm not inpatient just anxious to get in the army asap.

Thanks, Dan
Have you handed in your Medical form to your ACIO??
If you are worried then ring your recruiter and ask them
To be honest mate, you're probably better off reposting this on Monday afternoon.

The recruitment gurus will be back in their offices and bored enough to be on Arrse!

Alternatively, you could always call the Recruiting office and ask them - they'll have the best idea.
I posted my med forms off about 3 weeks ago, rang my recruiter 10 days ago and he said they were at Litchfield, but by the length of time its taking for them to get back to me they probably got there via the Falkland Islands.

I don't think I'll hear anything before Easter leave commences :(
when i sent mine off it was about two weeks and my doctor sent them off for me straight away, as you said though they might be looking into it more just to confirm you are ok to join. i would say you should get a call/letter in a week or two hope everything is ok though.
Forking ages.....when i posted mine, it took 2 months the get back to me. Then i had to make an appeal, then another 3 months....partly because any problems have to be reffered to your civi doctor who are utterly useless despite them getting £60 for filling in a simple form!!

2 weeks is not a long time mate. give it 3 weeks and then speak to your AFCO

good luck
Took me 3 weeks, depends on your GP. Phone the surgery to tell them to get their arses in gear if it is taking for ages.
Did you slip a crisp £20 note in the Med form? If you didn't, it could take awhile.
6 weeks use to be the average...............

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