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Simple question...

hi guys
just a simple question, it seems because I lived in australia for the last 5 years I can't apply for certain jobs as they can't get security clearance (australia is one of the countries they cannot get clearance for surprisingly, seeing as we have the same queen) it's not a problem as the job I am applying for doesn't require clearance. But does the medical history follow you around? I have nothing to hide, but just wanted to know how much information I need to give them, or would they be able to view my medical history from australia?
cheers jack
Did you provide your medical form with your Overseas Potential Soldier package? This form must be filled out by your Aussie GP.

When you attend selection the medical staff will look at the details on the form and give you a physical. They will not contact your GP in Australia for your medical records(the nurse told me that).

If you pass selection and sign up, the army will be responsible for your healthcare.

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