Simple question

Have you been on ops in the TA

  • Yes

    Votes: 26 66.7%
  • No

    Votes: 13 33.3%

  • Total voters
Ok a simple poll for TA soldiers only.

Have you ever deployed, yes or no.

Feel free to post comments as to whys and wherefores , at the moment my calculation is one in six TA soldiers have been on ops.
I think you'll find that those who have deployed will say so, and those that haven't, wont.
I always think the figures quoted dont reflect the point they are used to support. The serial mobilisers skew the figures so when a coy claims to have had '80 mobilised in the last 3 years' that sound quite a good uptake. 3/4 of the Coy operationally experienced. In reality its one unemployed storeman has mobilised 80 times....*

*timescale represents an attempt at over exaggeration and in no way represents my poor maths......
Not sure, this isn't a comparison between regular and reserve.
It's what your pointing at, as in Deployed TA are the only ones worth having. Not having a pop just needs saying, not all Soldiers will ever get deployed, doesn't mean they're not worthy they're all cog's in the same machine so to speak.
Even during WW2 many never even got near an actual theatre.


The poll is way too simplistic to be of any statistical value.

The results will be skewed not only by repeat mobilisations, but by the very different levels of mobilisation between cap badges/units.

This will mean that the level of support provided by some units will be dramatically understated, to the apparent benefit of other units who will happily bask in the glow of "but the TA have deployed 40,000 times or 1 in 6 - aren't we good" despite managing to send the equivalent of section strength away in total since 2003.
Until the Government has an Act of Parliament Guaranteeing your job is safe there will always be a poor uptake of volunteers. Playing war is all well and good for 12 months, bit of a shitter to find you have no job when you get back.
I agreed with the above. Particularly, the bit about repeat offenders. Looking back at those in my old TA coy (C coy Londons) from the last decade or so. The vast majority mobilised at least once.

In 2003 we did lose a few, when Telic kicked off. However a few of these went to other units, and latter deployed with them. There did seem to be a number of SNCO’s and LE’s that were conspicuous by their lack of campaign medals. This could have been due to lack of opportunity at their rank range, at the time. But by this time last year, all but two had found a spot on Herrick.

Of the remaining two, one of them was mobilized then stood down due to his age (BB was not lying about this happening) The last one is also in that age group, but I am unaware if he tried or not.

Of the Toms that joined, after 2003, all of them knew they would be going. In fact this was probably the reason they decided to join in the first place. The problem was keeping them once they had been on tour. Whatever the actual end results are I think our numbers would be much more than 1/6 (nearer 4/6).

The last CO was very fond of stating how many, members of the Regiment that had been on Op’s. The effect of this was somewhat diminished by the fact that he never did.
I didn't and even my civvy work did more tours than me (and work got me to chilwell once).

It was pretty obvious that TA soldiers preferred to mobilise in a group, when that was available it would be oversubscribed.

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