simple question twisted into vanity

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mrs_sting, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Without sounding stupid but does anyone know if I'd really have to dye my hair colour from blonde back to brown in basic training? don't think i do sounds a bit stupid to me but says on the instructions "hair colour to be natural colour only" does that just mean no bright colours?
    just dont want to turn up and get in s##t.
  2. Now that's a really blonde question.

    Wait a bit. No, it's not, it's fake. ;)
  4. If its a chav colour ,Then if you want to be taken seriously i would .
    Get your mum down to the local super market and purchase a light brown colour dye it only takes about 30 minutes and dye your hair for you .
  5. long as the collar and cuffs match. Also, you'll upset the nice folks who make your ID Card if you keep changing hair colour every week!

    "Sorry mate, that's not you, you've got blonde hair not brown, so you can't come onto camp!"
  6. Your hair has to be a 'natural' colour (ie blonde, brown, black and in the interests of disabled rights they also allow ginger).

    You won't have much chance to keep your hair dyed while you're in training so you're best off letting whatever you've coloured it to grow out now or dye it close to your natural colour.

    Once you're out of training you can dye it if you want, although it still has to be 'natural' so no purple, orange or green is allowed.
  7. better be safe
  8. Its just not worth the risk of pissing your DS off from day 1, I'd return it to your original colour. Cos thats what its telling you to do.!

    Section commander-"why is your hair dyed?"

    You-"but I just thought it meant no bright colours Corporal."

    Section commander-"No its says on your JI's natural colour only you just thought you'd try and get round it."

    You-"No but......

    Section commander - "Dont F***ing argue with me! you think you're special........ETC

    Play the game, you can dye it after your training.
  9. Dye it ginger, then you will be allowed in the disabled parking spaces.
  10. You should be concerned about learning the skills of the soldier, not your hair.
    Dont dye it back, don't dye it again. No place for vanity. Vanaity is gay
  11. LOL.................
    anyway looking forward to it
  12. Shave it off and wear a wig. It'll save a lot of time during training.

    How do they manage to do those buns, anyway?
  13. You've got a shock coming! :twisted:
  14. No i havent got a shock coming just know how i like my hair and also isnt the army about having pride in yourself as well.
  15. Yes, pride in your ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Not in your choice of hair dye.