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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by cantthinkofone, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Hello

    Im looking to apply to the RLC as a troop officer.

    What i would like to know is if the 180 UCAS points are mandatory if you hold a degree?

    Im looking at either studying at the open university or taking A levels and then studying at the OU.

    Of course if i can save time by just doing a degree then get accepted that would be the better option.

    Im still a young chap so if i have to do A levels too that is not a problem.

    Thankyou for your help all.
  2. As a degree is higher than A-Levels what do you think?
  3. I'd concur with anyone whos sig block just sums up everything I beleive in!!
  4. Yes thats what i thought, having a degree would negate the need for A levels as it is more advanced academically.

    However i know that some civilian employers are funny about this and insist on a degree and A levels, hence the question.
  5. Tip for you - OU have just announced an almost 400% increase in fees, so you'd best start soon.
  6. While I admit to being through this particular mill a very many years ago, when I did so we had to have the requisite number and grades at A level and GCSE/O level, regardless of whether we had a degree. Clearly while things may have changed, I would still seek official advice (by ringing up an armed forced careers office) so as to avoid disappointment.

    As a more general point, the academic requirements for entry as an officer are really more of a filter. Most successful applicants will easily exceed the stated minimum standards and success at AOSB and on the commissioning course is much more determined by the less tangible personal qualities/abilities (leadership potential, etc) demonstrated by those candidates. This is why having a degree and being suitable potential officer material are not synonymous.
  7. How many A levels have you got? 3? got at least C's?
    Right that should do it then as far as I recall. You could always check to afco it up though
  8. My understanding is that the Army have a waiver they can apply, the Navy follow the requirements to the letter and the RAF don't really care so long as you've got a degree, can add up and speak English.

    AFCOs give conflicting advice so don't take their answer as an absolute. It's definitely possible to be granted an exemption, however.

    From the sounds of it the OP doesn't have a degree yet, so probably best to sort that hurdle out first.
  9. The army does seem more tolerant on this issue than the navy, which demands A-levels, degree or no degree. Just wondering if a HND would act the same way, and if there are any permutations on how the 180 UCAS points are achieved. (The Navy for example only counts UCAS points above 45 etc)?

    Thanks SS
  10. FWIW, and to confuse the issue a little, I passed RCB with no academic qualifications whatsoever. So, exceptions do exist.
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  11. HND is a Higher Level qualification - it doesn't attract UCAS points.

    If you have a HND you can top this up to a full degree with the OU with about six months' study, and it's free too.
  12. I'm in a similar situation. I've got a foundation degree and am currently at uni topping it upto a full bachelors degree. However, I haven't got enough UCAS points. I've just been chatting with the army recruiter online on the armyjobs website and he said you need the UCAS points whether you've got a degree or not. I'm 26 so time isn't really on my side. I'm debating whether I should a) Try and do an A-LEVEL while also at uni so I can get upto 180 UCAS points, might be taking on a bit much though. Or should I leave uni and just do another A-LEVEL?

    If anyone has got a definitive answer or could offer me some advice it would be much appreciated. I've also heard about the PRAMS course, which might be an option. Has anyone heard of that?
  13. Yes, the quality line has, on occasion, fluctuated wildly.
  14. There is a waiver. However you're already above the age limit for most officer careers except a few limited ones.

    Might want to try the RAF/Navy instead.
  15. Thanks your reply Pyianno. I wasn't aware there were age limits for specific officer careers. It just says on the website that you must be under 29 when you start Sandhurst. Are you sure that's accurate? I hope not.

    The RAF and Navy don't really do it for me. If I'm unable to join as an officer then i'll join as a soldier and try and apply for officer selection after a couple of years, although my age will probably still count against me i'd imagine.