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Hi all.

I currently run a gardening company, based in north west Essex.

We are looking to expand in a unique way, and need a good pool of people to grow with.

What I am looking for is for intelligent, motivated and hard working people who want to run their own business as part of our new franchise.

Essentially zero start up capital is required - Indeed, i see this as an opportunity well suited to the right homeless ex services personnel.

To start off with, im going to take one lucky person on on an hourly rate who will shadow me for a number of months, before becoming our first franchisee when we both agree that that is what we want.

What is really crucial in all this is that the successful person will be honest and trustworthy and physically and mentally fit, with English as their first language.

Now I'd very much like to hear from members of this forum who are directly interested, but also people here who know of any ex services organisations, perhaps those who work with the homeless, who i could look to working with on this to roll it out on a wider scale.

Do please send me an e-mail to kick things off.
If you want to know some more in's and out's regarding what I consider "maintenance" gardening and it's possible incomes and problems please feel free to contact me. For three years until recently I ran my own Landscape gardening and property maintenance business, which for the first 2 1/2 years flourished and did very well but then started spiralling downwards at a rapid rate. I will happily share my experiences with you if you wants some inside info on the sector you are embarking on.
Hi Lawn and Leaf,
A franchise is all well and good (I recruit for a National) thats if you have something worth while to offer, but what can you offer someone in say Coventry-London or else where? Yes, I do appreciate there are lots of gardens there but have you any clients, warm leads to pass on, or even national accounts with relocation Companies.
I am Just curious as there is little point giving a homeless ex serviceman a pile of tools and not a lot of support from there on!
Hi Pimpernel.

Those are good points, but please allow me to explain some more about quite why I think my idea gets around those problem.

Well, for starters, you ask what i can give a homeless person in London in terms of leads, and the answer is none - But, given that they are homeless, they can move to here, to a physically neighboring patch, where we will closely support each other.

I like to look at problems and turn them into solutions. I know that its very difficult to get the right people with the right attitude, and im hoping to get solve that by offering a golden opportunity to fundamentally sound people who are down on their luck.

What franchise is it you work for?
I'm based in Essex and work as a tree-surgeon. I also do training in chainsaws, climbing etc. Give me a shout if I can help out on the training side of things :D
Thats great!

Were i to need to get someone trained to CS 30 with you, assuming they are switched on in the first place, what kind of cost am i looking at?
If I could fit them into an existing course (or you had 4 blokes to be trained) your looking at £150 (its a 2 day course). The assessment is £90 and the registration is £50. So in total CS30 would be £290. If theres anything in this line I can help with give me a shout, If I can't help I'll know someone who can. :D

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