Simon Mann sentenced: 34 years

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Countryman, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. BBC News
  2. Why the four months ?
  3. OK. We'll have to rescue him in true 'Wild Geese' fashion.

    I want to be Richard Burton - alcoholic old wreck with a heart of gold who'd do anything for his men (except THAT before MDN asks)

    We can reinstate Sven and he can be the medical orderly with an unhealthy and, at the time, illegal interest in other men's buttocks

    The following positions are still available:-

    Crusty old salt of the earth Sergeant Major who prunes roses in retirement while dreaming of murdering black people

    Roger Moore - needs to be somebody so damned good looking that they turn straight men gay. Who on Arrse could fit the bill?

    Richard Harris - lives alone with a young boy. Sadly, Sven's already cast as the poofy medic.

    Barry Foster - Slimy Civil Servant IIRC. Must have own sheepskin jacket and curly perm.
  4. Also needs to be able to do eyebrow acting...
  5. If he is any good he will "save" himself??

  6. I will be Roger, because i am a dashing chap for the ladies
  7. Stop Press>>>>>>

    House for sale in the New Forest
  8. One seems to have overlooked tosh :x
  9. Just for arguments sake, how would it work?
    17 years in Malabo and 17 years in Belmarsh?
    Do we have this kind of reciprocal agreement between Britain and an ecomomic basket case like Equitorial Guinea?

    Also, am I the only one who has a tad of sympathy for the bloke? isn't this kind of 'Derring do' eccentricity, TE Lawrence, Ranolph Fiennes, Scott of the Antarctic stuff that separates us from european bedwetters?

    I know, he knew the score and is paying the price for getting caught (the number one crime), but doesn't he rank higher than footballers, most polititians, chavs and Big Brother non-entities?
  10. the only way he is going to be freed , is some back door deals and lots of cash changing hands.
  11. And how is Mark Thatcher going to be freed I wonder?

    Did I say freed? My mistake :D
  12. I told you - Sven's already been cast as the medic.
  13. Never get caught with your hands in the till.
  14. Is this a message from 'Bob' Mugabe to Bruin?
  15. Nope.
    A 34 year sentence means he'll leave in a box. In his situation I'd open a vein and deny them the pleasure.
    Sorry it had to end this way Simon.