Simon mann, hero or revolutionary, or idiot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thestoat, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Is returned Simon Mann a hero or an idiot, or a revoulutionary, will he be forced to reamin silent about his ordeal, has he got any money left, will he return to his former socail status, will he visit us at Oxford University, please discuss
  2. Are you chinooksdad?
  3. A professional soldier who got involved with greedy civvies - big mistake
  4. Hmmm, ok, I say he is a victim then, lets help him get back up to his former status, spare room ready for you simon
  5. Should have seen it coming given the "characters" involved........bad drills.
  6. He should have done, it was like a John Buccanan book, or a bad Jack Higgins etc, victim, end of, welcome home Captain Mann, SIR!!!
  7. No just fcuking lucky that he didn't have to spend the rest of his life in an African jail. I suspect that in due course there will be lucrative book/film deal to follow.
  8. Very Lucky, he must of blown some big wigs off there, or money changed hands, or they just did not like him anymore, whatever, hes gunna be rich
  9. Agreed, behaved like a half-wit, well beyond his use-by date...........
  10. He may have done that on purpose of course, am not sure if he will get film or publicity you know, reckon he will just disapear into obscurity
  11. In typical African style, the initial request was for £270 million for his release. They ended up paying £200k.
  12. Tought as much, who paid, his family or guilty ex partners, he will be screwed if he comes into public eye surely, but that may be his best option, make him a celebrity, then hes untouchable
  13. Paid by "family and friends".

    Suspect he has a score or two to settle..........
  14. Had a geek moment driving home on Friday and listened to the News Quiz on Radio 4.

    They wondered if the "humanitarian grounds" he was released on were to do with the scores he has to settle.
  15. I would back him any day, love the guy!!!!