Simon & Lukes killers to face death penalty? MOD UPDATE

TWO Iraqi gunmen accused of executing British soldiers are to stand trial in Baghdad — and may face the death penalty if convicted.
Faisal Al-Saadoon, 56, and Khalaf Mufdhi, 58, will be handed over to the Iraqi authorities after being held in British custody since the murders in 2003.

Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, 36, and Sapper Luke Allsopp, 24, of 33 Engineer Regiment, were captured after their convoy was ambushed in Southern Iraq.

They were taken to an intelligence base where they were shot dead.

Both Iraqis were caught by the British.

They claimed their human rights would be breached if they were put on trial by the Iraqi authorities.

But the High Court in London yesterday ruled they can be handed over — despite a “real risk” they will end up being executed.

I still can't believe some high paid human rights lawyer hasn't managed to get them legal aid to avoid being sent back to a possible death penalty.

Let them face the justice they never gave Simon and Luke and I hope they are hung
Human Rights lawyers let us down again, I would rather this pair did a bit of time in Wandsworth.
DogsHadMeTea said:
Human Rights lawyers let us down again, I would rather this pair did a bit of time in Wandsworth.
Eh, why? I can see it now, life sentence, half of it off for good behaviour (and more for an early guilty plea), out in less than 15 and on the UK gravy train thereafter. Bugger that.

They should be subject to the law of their own land, the land we are saying is good enough to stand on its own two feet without UK assistance. If it wasn't, we wouldn't we pulling out would we?

That is only just, is it not?
Get them over there and get them to face Iraqi justice; the same justice as they dished out to Simon and Luke!
""That is only just, is it not? ""

You never been to wandsworth then, ?
Thi world would be a much better place if all terrorists and war criminals where hanged, there would be no Sein fein, McGuiness,Adams and the rest would 6 ft under and Blair and his Zanu cronies would be on death row, I live in hope
Hang the scum, they wont come back then ... Make them Martyrs, yes totally agree, and the more martyrs the better.

Human Rights Lawyers ???? let them go on patrol a few times in ANY war zone, see if they still agree that the bad guys deserve human rights, which should be reserved for HUMANS ... Pity no one ever thinks of the squaddies (or the cops) human rights ...
Make the civil rights wonks clean up after a bombing,they'l get the picture then. It's nearly 30yrs since I was at a bomb scene and it seems like yesterday, when you have to scrape up a the remains of a dead child any thought of justice is swept away by a deep need for revenge
Well I can hope that they get the justice they deserve, If you comit the crime in a country then they get tried in that country and that countries laws. What about Simons & Lukes human rights?

Having known both Simon & Luke I can only hope that the Iraqis cock up the execution of the scum concerned and that their deaths are long and lingering!
cheers chimera.


No problem. I was present for the repatriation in 03.

Want to see these c*nts burn.
terrible news....the european court of human rights have upheld an eleventh hour appeal by phil sphincter....******* toss. so angry. more delays now while this appeal is heard in the new year.

I am not British (septic) but the nationality of the troops does not matter. As far as I am concerned all of the troops in MNF-I are our troops. Not yours, not mine but ours. The human rights folks should also consider the human rights the murdered soldiers were deprived of.

Also, the human rights advocates often make a major issue about "cultural imperialism". Who are they to dictate to Iraq and its government what the judicial procedures in Iraq should be. Isn't this showing insensitivity to the cultural norms of another country and a different culture.

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