Simon Cowell to live forever

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Archangel, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. NO, NO, NO!

    Having said that I do recall how Wesley Snipes died in "The Demolition Man" and can only hope for more of the same with regards to Cowell!
  2. How exactly?
  3. I really see no reason why we should wait for him to die before sticking him in a vat of liquid nitrogen... I'm sure a grateful nation would thank us!
  4. Fair one. You get Cowell and I'll nip to B&Q for the liquid nitrogen. :twisted:
  5. "Cowell and Goody in suicide pact"

    Carlsberg don't do good news headlines............
  6. I'll burn down the cryonics facility!
  7. I know Cowell's nephew!!!
  8. I'm awfully sorry to hear that. How are you coping? :twisted:
  9. Don't worry... there's plenty of liquid Nitrogen to go round!
  10. lol, he's not a bad fella actually
  11. i like simon cowell. X factor would not be the same without him and to top it off he DOES have an eye for talent. That you cant deny.
  12. He has an eye for young blonde birds that are willing to do terrible things for their shot at fame you mean! Girls Aloud didn't have to suck any c0ck to get famous, oh no ;-)! Actually, that sounds alright, how do you get into the pop impresario game?
  13. On the other hand he entertains chavs and saddo's who believe programs like the x factor are real and that they could become stars.
    I suppose if they're watching him they aren't on the streets though.
  14. By being frozen before this week is out if there is any luck in the world