Builds Simmerits 1/35 Chally 2 build as I'm a bit bored and no-one's done one yet!

Getting a bit cheesed off with the ejection pin marks


If you are thinking about building one of these Id recommend the Ryefield model. Don’t buy Trumpeter!
I found with Meng that they'd spent effort ensuring that the ejection pin marks were on surfaces that would be hidden from view. High time others followed the trend.

not a school of though Trumpeter subscribe to on this kit. Newer models much better


this is the InAccurate Armour piccie of the upgrade and the brackets for the drums are the kit mounting brackets. Nothing in the InAccurate Armour instructions says you need to reposition the kit mounts and the piccie shows them in the correct position as per the kit instructions.


and this is what the drum looks like when you’ve stuck the bloody kit mounts. The drum brackets don’t fit inside the mounts.

work that one out of you can when you look at the positioning in the first piccie and compare it to the second.
can you post piccie of the turret - all angles!! As many as you’ve got!

Apologies for the delay in the pics - we've had builder, sparky and carpet chaps in during the last few weeks and the photo albums have been buried under stuff that needed to be moved from the utility room and garage while the work was done.

Garage is now sorted and we are painting out the utility room. I fitted the battens for the storage units this morning so once it is all painted out the storage units can go in and we can put everything back and I can find the photo albums....
Done a bit more. Both smoke dischargers on now




Made a bit of progress

Sorry they are a bit late...

cr2 1.jpg
cr2 2.jpg
cr2 3.jpg
cr2 4.jpg
cr2 5.jpg
cr2 6.jpg
cr2 7.jpg
cr2 8.jpg
cr2 10.jpg

cr2 9.jpg

I'll try and put some more up tomorrow...
Right then tankies.


little stubby pointy uppy one or
Long pointy sidewaysy one

Also WTF could this be? Two parts


Other thing is


This could


turn into an epic tank build thread

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