Builds Simmerits 1/35 Chally 2 build as I'm a bit bored and no-one's done one yet!

Yes I am on with the Wokka and it wont be put back on the shelf, and yes I'm on with the Mat and making good progress but I'm a bit bloody bored and fancy assembling something so here goes.

Tamiya do a Chally 1 & 2 and they are fine kits. Cromwell models did a TES but NEVER EVER try and buy anything from him as he will take your cash and you will never see it or your model again.

Ryefield are doing some fine new kits which have just been released - they do a TES, an TES upgrade kit and a Chally 2 kit with no mods, then there is Trumpeter bless 'em. Old and cheap as chips - they do four variants - enhanced armour, a Chally 2 with no mods, an op Telic and a Kosovo complete with a dumper blade. You can also pick up an Airfix Chally which is a re-bage of a Trumpeter kit. Plenty after market to improve your build, but if I was buying now, I'd go for Ryefield as its stunning and requires no aftermarket, so it works out better value in the end. Its also quite accurate - allegedly. I've picked up a few Challys and a bit of aftermarket and after all this talk about how shite InAccurate Armour are, I got some stuff out for a dekko, and hey presto, bugger it - I'm going to do one. No other bugger has yet on here so what the hell.

Anyone wants to pile in with comment, piccies, experiences or whatever then crack on.

So to start.

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This is a really really nice bottle of wine. Just saying. A good place to start.

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Seventeen and a half sheets and bought in 1066 from Modelzone when they were still trading. It's sat in my pile for years. I'll call it the donor kit as I suspect a lot of it will be replaced.

Its got a few problems, most of which can be corrected with aftermarket. I've had to order in a couple of bits to complete it and i'll post them when they turn up.

I'll upload the other piccies from the phone as its taking bloody ages on the Mac
Hmmm ... "19 Crimes", I just noticed that "your's" seems to be of the 'fitted-for/with cork sealed' style! I suppose that's to ensure that the non-corkscrew-carrying stevedores'/deckies' TEU contents-broaching is made somewhat difficult ... the bottles we get here in the Antipodes are of the screw-top variety, I suppose for ease of quaffing, don'cha know. Pleased to see you, and followers, enjoying good plonk.
Time to make a start on priming the Chally 2s abs I’m going to be helped by my able assistant


before I start - couple of things.

these two are Trumpeter donor kits with InAccurate Armour upgrades. The Ryefield Chally that’s out now is a great model, but I’d you are tackling one of these then there’s a lot to do as you will have gathered from the build thread.



are out of production now. They do come up from time to time on waltBay which is where I picked this up. I’m one set short for the other CR2 unfortunately.



it’s the grills I was after for the engine covers. I won’t use the rest of it.



This is what I’m using for the base coat.
A bit of progress. It’s that bloody long since I’ve sprayed anything I’ve forgotten how time consuming this is!




that’s the Berlin scheme Chally under way!
this is getting seriously interesting now Si, seems a shame all that surplus Eduard going to waste, do you have a pe spares box? you never know.
this is getting seriously interesting now Si, seems a shame all that surplus Eduard going to waste, do you have a pe spares box? you never know.

I’d have to do another Trumpeter build. Every model has different sizes grills so the etch isn’t transferable. It would be interesting to see which one is correct…..


I should get a bit of white on this afternoon.
These actually look quite nice. Perhaps I can persuade the British Army to change its MBTs into a nice snowy owl effect.



Lower hull and wheels next

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