Builds Simmerits 1/35 Chally 2 build as I'm a bit bored and no-one's done one yet!

Absolutely, but the Churchill was designed as an Infantry tank. It was all a bit of a bugger's muddle, further confused by the inconvenient fact that the Churchill was so good and couldn't easily be replaced by Cruiser tanks. Prompted by this thread I've dragged my copy of "Death by Design" by Peter Beale down from the bookshelf and found that in 1942, the "whole British effort was to concentrated on the Cromwell type of Cruiser tank, and that the production of an Infantry tank would cease to be part of the British programme", but by 1943: "The General Staff have accepted the policy that an Infantry tank of the Churchill type is an indispensable part of the British programme".

it’s interesting when you look at the Russians and Septics. They would appear to still subscribe to the school of thinking that says you need lots and lots of armour to cover an assault of World War Two proportions, where as the U.K. has 11 MBTs in total………

we really are a Mickey Mouse outfit these days. Very depressing when I look back at what’s gone. Still. Can’t live in the past I suppose


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CR2 are classified as ‘gun’ or ‘command’ or ‘training’ tanks as far as JAMES is concerned, no heavy, medium or main battle about it.


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All our "tanks" are MBT, AJAX is a "recce vehicle", even though it looks like a tank, is the size of a tank, and at some point will be used as if it were a tank, with quite possibly disastrous consequences...
nothing wrong with being pedantic.

It raises a question though which is which British tank qualified as an MBT? I never really thought of the Churchill as an MBT even when up gunned

Vickers Medium Mk.I & II was arguably the first British MBT.

This. The last Heavy we had was Conqueror, declared largely obsolete when Centurion was upgunned to the L7. Thereafter, MBTs all the way.

Oh no it wasn't.

It's a 'Tank, Heavy gun'. Nothing about its designation refers to the classification of heavy tank, just the size of the main armament.
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I thought as you are so bored, why don't you spice up the build by deleting the English instructions with a felt tip, and then build with the Japanese ones.

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I must say I’m quite impressed with the punch set I picked up.

cracking on with the dozer blade now

Nearly cracked it. A bit of drilling to do and one bolt head to fit and it’s there

That’s it. All done. I can spray this tomorrow if it’s not pissing down.





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Amazing what a bit of Halfords finest will do to a bit of kit




back on the Cromwell tonight