Builds Simmerits 1/35 Chally 2 build as I'm a bit bored and no-one's done one yet!


@Dads203 - you heard anything on the grapevine?
Nothing at all chaps. I was chatting to Terry a few years ago about doing some masters for him, then my old ticker started to play up which ended in surgery and a long recovery.
By the time I recovered I couldn’t get hold of him and heard on the vine that he had some Heath issues of his own and jacked in the business. I’d love to see him back and selling.


There’s always this paint scheme
if your up for the challenge(r 2)
There’s always this paint scheme View attachment 567482if your up for the challenge(r 2)

Believe it or not, someone has already done it. As I now find myself with three of the Ryefield Challys (2 x TES an 1 x CR2), perhaps when I've done the Berlin scheme, I'll have a crack at it. After the Wokka of course, which I plan to do this weekend to finish off stripping the putty
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Tonight’s joyous task.


As I mentioned, these are nicked from the Ryefield kit but they are identical to the Bronco and HobbyBoss tracks for the CR2.
Well that’s three hours graft



I thought this was like the Bronco tracks but the quality of the moulds is way better. The difference is it’s an utter pain in the burm to put together. I’d say it’s a solid 9 hours per track. Nightmare. Won’t be doing this again!
This just came up on one of my treads I follow. QRH Tidworth. BATUS camouflage.
Si.if there’s any more pictures of specific bits you want, let me know before mid day as I’ll be on my way home around 1300
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nice pictures there Rob, that Stillbrew armour on the front of the turret, bit of a shot trap isn't it?

That's why there are two "cheek" pieces - extra armour added to the top of the hull directly beneath them. They can be seen either side of the driver's periscope.

Yes I am on with the Wokka and it wont be put back on the shelf, and yes I'm on with the Mat and making good progress but I'm a bit bloody bored and fancy assembling something so here goes.

Tamiya do a Chally 1 & 2 and they are fine kits. Cromwell models did a TES but NEVER EVER try and buy anything from him as he will take your cash and you will never see it or your model again.

Ryefield are doing some fine new kits which have just been released - they do a TES, an TES upgrade kit and a Chally 2 kit with no mods, then there is Trumpeter bless 'em. Old and cheap as chips - they do four variants - enhanced armour, a Chally 2 with no mods, an op Telic and a Kosovo complete with a dumper blade. You can also pick up an Airfix Chally which is a re-bage of a Trumpeter kit. Plenty after market to improve your build, but if I was buying now, I'd go for Ryefield as its stunning and requires no aftermarket, so it works out better value in the end. Its also quite accurate - allegedly. I've picked up a few Challys and a bit of aftermarket and after all this talk about how shite InAccurate Armour are, I got some stuff out for a dekko, and hey presto, bugger it - I'm going to do one. No other bugger has yet on here so what the hell.

Anyone wants to pile in with comment, piccies, experiences or whatever then crack on.

So to start.

View attachment 559909

This is a really really nice bottle of wine. Just saying. A good place to start.

View attachment 559912

Seventeen and a half sheets and bought in 1066 from Modelzone when they were still trading. It's sat in my pile for years. I'll call it the donor kit as I suspect a lot of it will be replaced.

Its got a few problems, most of which can be corrected with aftermarket. I've had to order in a couple of bits to complete it and i'll post them when they turn up.

I'll upload the other piccies from the phone as its taking bloody ages on the Mac
‘tis indeed a nice Red ... if you have the opportunity/can source it, might I suggest another Antipodean drop:
I like your rubber tire chipping effect, no too deep and not over done. Restraint a lot of armour modelers elsewhere can't exersize

hopefully not overdone it.

new turret arrived today


No sign of the anti-slip paste!
God that was hard work.


I think I’ve got one too many tracks in but with the skirts, you won’t see the sag. That was bloody murder.
Feck this is an utter pain. I know know why I abandoned armour for planes!


decided to try the Ryefield jig in the hope that it would speed up the track build......


thats about three hours in. This is so slow compared to Fruil tracks and more of a pain in the burm.


took the spare link out.

not done anything on the Mat or Wokka...

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