Builds Simmerits 1/35 Chally 2 build as I'm a bit bored and no-one's done one yet!

That is a superb lifelike pose. Once painted the whole lot will look brilliant.

The figures are stunning.

I never bother putting them on bases because of the space constraints but I may be tempted with this one. The Mat is the only one I've every bothered with. The house is tiny, which is why the Wokka keeps moving from room to room!
I’ve got one and it is likely to be my next build, it will be a BAOR Mk3 without any of the Gulf mods, so normal side plates, no fuel drums, though will have to look at the coffin bin.

Need to do bit of research into reg no for OB CSqn 3 RTR in 1992 as that was my panzer:).

He's still trading - you may get the bins etc from him for your Chally


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He's still trading - you may get the bins etc from him for your Chally

If I ever do an armoured medical section in 432's I'll need chally bins.
Sadly just at the moment his site has some problems and won’t accept payment:) I shall have to keep trying.

he's on Linkedin - you can always ping him. I think there's an email address on the site as well
Well it’s getting exciting here....

Great contrast between the old and the new



Safwan, looking at Google it wasn't that big 15 years ago! Across the barriers & straight into the secure area. Civvy ranges were a fair few 000ms to the left where some berms had been wedged up from the desert by the US CofE. On this route cpl of K north then you picked up highway 1 for the shit drive up to Baggers

Camp Booker/Boucca?

Only took me a couple of days, I’m getting better


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