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Discussion in 'Travel' started by JoBrand, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. If im wanting to text oh in the Falklands do i have to get a world wide sim?? if so any ideas on were i can get one/which ones best??

    thanks x x x
  2. Depends what network he is on. There is very limited coverage and I know for a fact that Vodafone doesn't work (fortunately :p ). It shouldn't make any difference what sim card you use, but I'm a technobiff and what I know about modern lectricketry stuff can be written on a matchbox.
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    He is on o2 but bought a falkland sim card out there?? Not sure why, as o2 does cover the Falklands.

    What about getting a pay as you go aim and then transfer it to a world wide sim would that work???
  4. It would probably be cheaper and easier to PM me what you want to say to him and I'll get it put over the tannoy.

    Mr Deputy - yerra dick. :wink:
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    It's cheaper for him to have a local sim that use a UK one, he would have to pay to receive as well as send, unless on a special tariff. Cost to you increases though, so look for a deal on that. If your on O2 as well it has worldwide bolt on.

    Makes no difference what network he is on as long as you have the number.
  7. Only partly true....he would indeed have to pay to receive a call, but receiving a text is free.
  9. I have just got an o2 sim and am in the process of changing it to YOUR COUNTRY, im thinking though now is it still going to be expensive for him to recieve my calls??? Says nothing on their website about the recieving phones??
  11. Snail, pm sent