Silvet Cloth, where do I get one from?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by robo_robert, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. I know theses things are great for polishing my boots, just where the hell do I get one from?

  2. Go to a jewellery shop as it is used to polish silver and such stuff! NOT CHEAP
  3. Hay

    I would not use the cloth that people use to clean silver, We got parades going on and I had to bull boots.

    thankfully there is a military surplus store where we are and they sell silvette cloath.

    dont use the jewellery stuff it leaves a dull bull!
  4. Naafi used to stock them. Probably still do.
  5. Whats wrong with a yellow duster?
  6. Err you what???????????? :? :?
  7. Linkey link This will explain the bone comment yam!
  8. I went to a jewellers and bought one then found exactly the same cloth in Tesco for half the price and the jewellers don't give clubcard points!
  9. Tesco's is the place!

    I find them a little harsh as a cloth, they can scratch your boots, would suggest putting them through the washing machine a couple of times first..

    But really they are no better than a yellow cloth
  10. Download this and there is a hyperlink in the document to a good cheap site.
    The Butlers guide to shiny shoes<<<click
    In the past yellow dusters were a good enough quality (thicker nap) to be a decent bulling diddly but as with supermarket bags, they got thinner & cheaper. A well broken in silvette (selvyt) can achieve a deeper shine by reducing the micro scratches in the surface of your boot.

  11. Holy shit! You can polish my shoes anytime Butler!
  12. I have provided this service for quite a few Arrsers over the years.