Silverthieves ( with thanks to Messrs Melchett & Rapierman )

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by velcrostripes, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Following on from Gen Melchetts and Rapiermans comments in the Norgie Pullover thread
    ( )

    I too had to have a little peek in Silvermans site for a quick laugh , and its prompted me to start this thread .

    The object of the exercise is to identify the most ludicrously expensive bit of surplus tut you can .

    Rapierman started the bidding with a 58 pattern gonk bag at £85 .

    I would like to trump that with : 3003 Green british army poncho £45 : GREEN BRITISH ARMY PONCHO

    Next please .....
  2. Raise you an issued DPM Gortex jacket for a piffling £195.00!!! (not even MTP for the price):

  3. £125 for the aircrew knife! I have several somewhere, right - that's me off to eBay...

    Still, caveat emptor and all that.
  4. oh lordy silvermans are well known for it
  5. The pattern that I discern is that if it is an issue ( and therefore chargeable ) item they'll rip your b*llocks off , though that does not account for a 58 pattern gonk bag zip being £17.99 !!!
    In this era of e-Bay and the internet in general , I fail to see how they stay in business at these prices .
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  7. Lets open an 'Arrse' shop, gather everyone's buckshees and flog them at 75% Silvermans prices!

  8. i have a 58 gonk bag, whats on offer to trade ?
  9. Err, yes? Gilt, anyway.

    They are pretty pricy from the tailors too. £275 from Thieves and Sharks! (Mind you, I've just looked - a Field Officers No1 hat is sodding 300 quid. Lucky I was promoted back when I could afford it!)
  10. Jesus Christ stilts, a new Irvin is 'only' 500 quid from Aviation Leathercraft!