Silvermans.....Laugh yer 'ead off!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by maninblack, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Go and have a look at Silvermans website then look in the collectables section.

    They have a got a £50 Hamilton watch on for £299 and an old P Company Helmet at £125.

    The real laugh has to be the RWF stable belt buckle at £40 for something that comes free with an £18 belt.
  2. These guys make me laugh with some of their prices, but amazingly they are still in business!
  3. They're still in business because of the prodigious numbers of walts and wannabes who will pay ridiculous sums of money for their tat.

    I find it astonishing that they are even allowed to sell what amounts to remaindered and sub-standard kit.

    And if you don't believe me, get someone wearing some of their 'kit' to stand in front of a TI...
  4. They can tell by looking at the "NSN" if they have made the kit themselves.

    As far as I can tell there is no mention that it is repro and not original.
  5. True, the walt market is growing as well these days, tales of sandpits etc seem to be filling clubs round my way at the moment..

    True conversation
    Walter a Knobb Jockey "Yeah i got back 4 days ago from the sand pit, slotted 7 of the rag headed ba*stards"

    Beechams "Really? I thought you sold me 2 new tires from Quick fit a week ago?"

  6. If you mean the green webbing, that was a procurement cock-up. The MoD specified a particular anti-IR material and johnny manufacturer decided to save himself some money thinking no-one would notice. :lol:
  7. B_B (and anyone else!)

    It's not just the 'green webbing' that's at fault - none of Silverman's kit meets the various DEFSTANs relating to near and far IR. Although they claim (rightly) that it is all 'genuine issued kit' (clearly it is), the only reason they can sell it is precisely because it isn't 'the actual kit'. To do so would compromise our own procurement specs. Confused yet? :D

    If anyone wants to know more about this issue, apply for the NATO Counter Surveillance Instructor Course run at STANOC in Larkhill. Apart from learning a thing or 2, you get to play with the very latest bits of kit (it was Hollygog in my day!)
  8. Actually its the Counter Surveillance Wing at LWC now. STANOC was disbanded a few years ago.
  9. What!? I can't tell anything by loking at an NSN. What are you? A bar code reader?
  10. loggie bloke,

    Sorry - same stuff - different place.

    Now get back to your penguins.
  11. I have found as a rule of thumb if it is 'New' Kit, it is manufactured for the market as the 'Real Thing' But compare it to an issue item and the differences are there for those who care to look closely.

    Had a look at a Para Smock copy in Catterick which was close to the real item, and is purchased by many 16 AB Guys unable to buy the real thing.

    To my mind prices are far to high on the repro market items!

    Anchor Supplies at Nottingham or Ripley are not bad for genuine surplus, but even they sell copies as well.
  12. No but I can read Nato Stock Numbers as can Silvermans already
  13. although silvermans was the only place I could get no2 collardogs and tropical trousers for some bizarre reason.
    stores in cyprus could'nt issue me these items tropical shirts no problem but no trousers
  14. Adds little, but I remembered it when I read your barcode thing, and I like it...

    Had a storeman a few years ago who got wound up by the QM and CQMS about a new barcode system coming in. Complete techno-phobe, thought he'd not cope etc etc. Got to the stage where he believed he had to learn the codes. Used to be seen mumbling to himself 'socks- right then, thick thin thin thin thick thick thin, F~CK IT I'LL NEVER GET THIS RIGHT thin thick thick...........
  15. When they trialled the first sets of PLCE DPM in NI they found that they were so badly made that they lit up like white arctic kit and they had to take it back to the drawing board. Don't bother buying replica or kit which claims to be issued as it is a complete rip off

    The STANOC course was excellent (now defunct I think?). We were shown some of the footage of a drunken chav stumbling about and a couple invloved in some very vigorous rutting which was shot under brighton pier from the back of a transit van in the wee small hours on a TI camera (amazing detail! :wink: ). All in the interest of research of course. :wink: Camming up a bridge layer in the woods was a different matter though :roll: