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Discussion in 'Officers' started by trooper_tomo, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. ok chaps, i am in need of some honest and impartial advice. At present i am serving in the Engineers as a LCpl in a technical trade. But this is not for me; i am considering going down the RCB route especially after seeing a friend from basic who is now an officer in the artillery.

    I have the necessary creds in terms of UCAS points and was flagged as a PO in basic, but have a bit of debt and have been charged for sleeping in twice in the past year. I wish to join the QDG if they'll sponsor me, but i know not of the process or the barriers that will pop up when i announce to my OC this is the course of action i wish to take.

    As i say any "honest" light that anyone can shed would be a great help thanks for your time.

  2. Which trade?
  3. Debt: I know a number of officers who have some debts. They manage them well and it is their business.

    Charges: The charges for oversleeping may be considered un-officer-like however you may well be given a period in which to impress under the watchful eye of your OC, much like a REME tradesman do when they wishes to become an Artificer.

    You dont need to choose your Reg't/Corps until you are at RMAS where you will have chance to further your knowledge of the variety on offer.

    Good Luck.
  4. 'The charges for oversleeping may be considered un-officer-like' Good gad what happened to the days when getting up at all was considered most un-officer like till an OR had brought tea round to ones room.
  5. Go for it. The worst they can say is "no", and if you have the academic quals, good CRs and a decent performance on RCB (they'll be watching you very carefully!) then they'll sweep you up with open arms.

    I know nothing at all about the QDG, but I have colleagues who commissioned from the ranks in a cav regt and a number who did so from Guards regts (DE and LE) and none of them felt that they would have been welcomed into the officer corps of their parent units. Ex-rankers were - it was felt - only tolerated in the Mess.

    That said, QDG may be different and for all I know your Daddy's a Lord anyway, so previous service in the ranks may not be considered an issue.

  6. Yeah I know, but then some wise guy decided that offr's should start to try and earn their living! Still waiting in most cases!
  7. Sleeping in.....QDG..... sounds like an entry qualification.
  8. By debt, do you mean the sort of thing that most people have e.g. car loan, mortgage, credit cards, or is this a default or some other problem? If the latter, take advice and sort it out - CAB or National Debtline can help. Ultimately it is a private matter, but you need to be in a position to meet the various expenses you will incur once commissioned.
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You may find it easier to commission into the RE. There are plenty of quality people who have done this and gone on to do really well.
  10. What are the expenses i may incur? Apart from Corduroy trousers and check shirts??
  11. I was thinking mostly of mess bills - failing to pay them because is certain to focus unwelcome attention.