Silver Spoon Brigade

Discussion in 'Officers' started by afghanman, May 12, 2008.

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  1. During a recent (good natured) bout of banter at work, one of my work colleagues (an ex JNCO) accused another colleague (an ex Officer) of getting away with poor work practices due to the fact that he was a fully paid up member of the Silver Spoon Brigade!

    What constitutes membership to this 'exclusive' club apart from Hugh Grantesque floppy hairstyle and the wearing of funny cloured cordorouy trousers?
  2. private school
    self-confidence (born to rule)
    private income
    non-integration into mainstream society
    social network of similar people
    political conservatism
  3. You forgot the Labradoor
  4. And the lack of ANY common sense :D
  5. D'oh! Plus ownership of a green quilted waistcoat. Ever seen a chav in one?


    Don't forget the 'Boris' factor - the long tradition of the British upper class pretending to be stupider than they are (to lull their enemies into a false sense of security). I'm still amazed Ken Livingstone - an experienced operator - was taken in.
  6. Shooting stick
    Green wellies
    Range Rover

    and family usually ownes large parts of Scotland or Ireland.
  7. 1. Know what they are talking about when it comes to horses (riding on them, not just betting).

    2. An ability to talk slightly louder than anyone else present - and make the majority present actually believe they know what they are talking about.

    3. Use of OK, Soooper and Yah in conversation.

    4. An irritatingly high-pitched nasal laugh.

    5. An unbelievable ability for the male of the species to pick up some seriously good looking (and sometimes awful looking) totty.

    Doesn't make them bad people though :D
  8. And they always wear "Brine in Tine"
  9. dont forget the wife, who gets upset when asked for ID,

    say, my husband is ,,,,,,
  10. Having at least 4 initials , 1 name being Giles , Rupert, or Julian. Extra points scored for hyphonated names or titles. 3 barreled names score double. :D
  11. delete Range Rover (too nouveau) and insert Discovery...
  12. Of course, a Range Rover is quite impractical and at least a Disco looks like you live somewhere other than London, when covered in the labs recent moult and mud!
  13. It takes something other than those though. I know people who fit plenty of those categories but would be horrified were they to be regarded as silver spoon brigade. To actually fit into that bunch you have to want to be seen as being rich and therefore go out and buy the labrador/barbour for that reason. A private eductation and a dcent vocabulary only makes upper class twats out of those who want to be seen like that.
  14. 'Plus ownership of a green quilted waistcoat. Ever seen a chav in one?'

    You say that mate, its become quite common round my neck of the woods for young chav wannabes to go round in Farmer giles jackets and quilted waistcoats and sh1t trying to pretend they're real pikeys rather than just plastic...
  15. Use phrases such as....