silver shadows

am i the only one that has mint green silver shadows, every one else i know has grey ones, whats the crack i stand out amile. :oops:

do we have to actually wear these on 2 week cmsr


I think it was a 80 / 20 silver / green split on my CMSR. (of those that actually wore them).
I wore my own trainers for CMSR and it was never commented on. My silver shadows are still as new, in the box they came in.
johnjohn said:
wearing silver shadows shaves at least 8 minutes off your pfa time
i should be finishing my PFT mile and a half in 1.30 mins.....
now thats fast....
i find them to be a narrow fit, seem to be nearly twisting my ankle all the time. and they look like womens trainers :(


Yours must be the deluxe model as mine feel like they’re made out of cardboard!!!
Jebus -- that sent a shiver down my spine. I remember the plimsols..... 1985...... issued but never made to wear them thank gawd..... brrrrrrrrrrr
well if you think thats bad have you seen the shorts, were do they get there fashion sense from and to make it worse they only issue one pair, not bad when you on two week cmsr.
d12gnr said:
there was nothing wrong with the plimsoles why change ?
Because we no longer have to fit a pair into ONE of the side pockets of the '58 pattern large pack?
speaking of shorts whats with the attached pants? anyone else red raw after a run in the buggers? thankfully some stupid tw*t nicked mine or else i'd be forced to burn them.
The Stanley shorts ,had to raise a giggle, along with super stretchy red pt shirts where after one outing the neck was down near your belly button. As for chimfing about trainers, I have one question, when doing your JOB and you may NEED TO RUN , will you have time to change into nike's finest or even silver shadows? Heavens you might just have to run in those boots!!!! Its not a frickin gym club, course it hurts running full stop, thats why we invented cars ,but in the mean time advice is you train in your boots as more than often nowadays you will have them on alot more than when most of us on here were.

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