Silver Shadows

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by AWOL_and_loving_it!, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Can you believe the army are still making recruits wear this damaging footwear? They are largely responsible for causing tendon problems in my knee and quite frankly think they should be buried with a steak through them!!
  2. True. Fucked my feet right up. Took 6 months of physio to sort.
    Useless pieces of shit.
  3. I had problems on and off for last few years but got a really good pair of nike couple of months ago, been training a lot for P coy recently, so far so good. The difference is amazing!
  4. According to the Lichfield JI's, which someone posted in Training Wing last week, everyone now has the 'option' to purchase PT03's at extra cost - otherwise they'll be issued with Silver Shadows.

    I'd imagine the 'choice' in that is minimal ;)
  5. Not at Pirbright, recruits still have to wear Silver Shadows
  6. You have to wear those during training? They might as well issue you flip flops! WTF that's rediculous. I knew they were issue but thought you could use your own running shoes if you had them.. thats madness.

  7. Years ago on a friday afternoon before silver shadows had been properly tested some fat tw@t in the defence procurement ordered to many and now generations of squaddies will suffer cos it costs far to much to replace.

    Until it can be proven in court and we can sue the @sses off the bitches.
  8. Are they like the NI boots? Just to put it into my perspective?
  9. I got told by a PTI at depot that they are the best trainers-otherwise the army wouldnt issue them..!!!
  10. Back in the 80's when somebody got given Silver Shadows instead of the Lead trainers we were using, we all thought you jammy barsteward. But as you say they are a nightmare on your tendons. :x
  11. Oh right they're trainers lol.. are they the high tech ones :lol: Snazzy ;)
  12. No, Royal Engineers, the Silver Shadows are an awful trainer, and only the British Army have the damn foolery to issue them to Soldiers for training. As you can see, they don't do you any good.
  13. Lol but do they look like Hi-Tech sort of pikey things? It was a joke, I lolled when I saw the afformentioned trainers
  14. ITC have to wear them too, we were given the option to buy our own at phase 2 at 3RSME but I didnt know how lethal to your tendons they were back then.
    Advive to anyone here joining up : suffer them through training but invest in a decent pair ASAP to avoid injury!