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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HVM_Boy, Sep 17, 2004.

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    British Army launches running shoe
    Thursday, September 16, 2004 Posted: 1129 GMT (1929 HKT)


    LONDON, England -- The British Army has made its first step into the competitive world of global capitalism -- by launching its own running shoe.

    The trainers bear the Army's famous crossed swords logo under the tongue.

    Fitness instructors from the elite Army Physical Training Corps (APTC) advised trainer manufacturer UK Gear on the design.

    The shoes were then put through six months of tests, which involved instructors wearing them in track, trail and road running as well as punishing hill running sessions.

    David Hinde, managing director of Warwickshire-based UK Gear, said: "The PT-03 is a high performance running shoe.

    "It was created with the help of the some of the fittest people on the planet -- the Army's own fitness instructors -- which means it will stand up to the demands of any runner."

    Colonel Robin Clifford, head of the Army's commercial branch, said: "This pioneering initiative is in keeping with the Army's values of innovation, expertise and flexibility.

    "We believe that activities like this, with Army personnel demonstrating that their specific skills can be of value and benefit to the public, are positive for the Army.

    "Of course, the Army is very busy on operations and training, so we will only take part in such initiatives when they do not impact on our core initiatives."

    The PT-03 will be available from specialist running shops, priced £79 ($U.S.140.) They will also be worn by the APTC's 450 instructors around the world, with a proportion of the revenue from sales going back to the Army
  2. And no doubt the procurement will take priority over CBA :evil:
  3. So, the British Army has become big business......but they haven't figured out how to stop a little thing like the "core initiative" from interferring....

    This must all be part of the "modernising" reforms. No wonder Infantry is being reduced.
  5. So what else can the Army sponsor/endorse/compliment?

    I did put together a small sponsorship package between the Army and a PC games manufacturer sometime ago , it went well ,as I recall. That angle was "Non-endorsment ,but complimentary activity".

    So it is possible ,and Army does gain Cash/Increased public awareness too.
  6. Someone did produce a list of suggestions on one of the other threads on this topic (forget which forum, but not Training Wing). Although I don't think it was meant terribly seriously.
  7. Maybe the army should start endorsing more Computer Games. The RAF can do flight sims. The Navy ummm what do they do again..

    The army could do its own line in fast food.

    How about a Sims type game. The purchaser pays £100 for the game but it doesnt work properly. The Game uses 80s software plus extra periphials that can only be bought from the supplier which dont really work that well. And you are not going to receive the game for another 10 years.

    How about a Foot Drill type game.

    But seriously. I think, approached correctly a franchise of MOD endorsed games could work. With scope to encompasse all Genres of the Gaming world.
  8. How about Risk al la British army style. Invade someone because your best mate is. Then forget why you went. Make up an excuse and invade next door too. While at home the constitution goes down the pan under the cover of a PM who does not vote/have MMR jab/has free Italian holidays/wife with gob like a grinning pike. Bingo.
  9. now that is funny..
  10. With less money, comes less food.
    Less food to eat, less time to eat it.
    Less time to eat, more hours of work.

    Fast Food.

    Im not bitter honest. :evil:
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Oooh, a game about cross dressing and who's turn is it in the barrel? I suspect that game would only be available over the internet or in the more dubious parts of Amsterdam.
  12. These trainers: made by UK who? :roll: And I bet they don't go on general issue :evil: The rest of us will have to make do with the usual knee-knackerers.
  13. They already do, bastard chef spent no time at all on tonights roast.

  14. Never mind the bloody shoe - can we see a bit more of the flexible blonde in the picture! :D