silver plated condom case!

Hi, if your after any presentations or are a bit of a tart check out

Silver Plated Condom Case


Silver plated condom case
holds a single condom

Not quite break glass in emergency
But will prevent damage in your pocket etc.

Ideal souvenir for a stag/hen party
Embellish for a lads night out flash card!!

Remember all of our items come with free text engraving

For more information please have a look at:
Why not you cant get it engraved, with something like "break in case of emergency". I thought there may be some people out there that are entertained by this...
How would you put on a silver plated condom?
not sure how you put a siver plated condom on but i'm sure if your in the situation where you'd have to, you'd find a way.
Glesga_short_bloke said:
How would you put on a silver plated condom?
Very, very carefully.

Keeps things stiff, dishwasher safe afterwards, and polishes up nicely with a soft cloth .... oooops, back in the dishwasher .....

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