Silver pendant found ISAF HQ

Michael Yon, the American journalist in Afghanistan, found a sterling silver pendant today near ISAF HQ.

He posted the details on his FaceBook page. The inscription is:


[/h]I think the .925 is the European mark for Sterling. Not sure if UK uses the traditional British hallmarks or has gone European in marking silver. Given the date format it is not US. in case someone on here has lost it or knows someone who had. Yon turned it in to the International MP office. Probably not hugely valuable but undoubtedly has sentimental meaning.

Photo here. (I hope!)
Dale - you have better pooter skills when it compes to piccies, thanks, someone may really miss it.
Please hand in your man card when you reclaim it. Thanks.
You prick.

Guess what?

Sometimes they let them birds join the Army. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm sure you'll get over it.
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