Silver medallist Rudman in all her glory ;-)

Shelley Rudman

I know it's the Screws but heigh ho.

Favourite excerpt:

"Sports fans will be stunned to see her lycra all-in-one suit has been hiding a raunchy naval piercing"

Is a "naval" piercing what you get when you're nailed by a matelot?


I can't say I don't like these pics, but:

Whats the point in someone who wears a skin-tight lycra one-piece for a living doing underwear shots?

She was wearing less before!
Sarge said:
Does the lycra give her a camel toe???
It certainly did to a somewhat oirish OC LAD who is with the Jocks in Fally, the pic was on the back cover of the Craftsman Corps magazine, and ended up as top thrap material for more than one tradesman. Mind you that's the biggest contribution that Captain has ever made to the REME, she's an oxygen thief of the highest order who couldn't organise panic in a minefield.

Nice camel toe though.
Im not being picky(trust me id shag the crack of dawn if i could get up early enough). but

why is here belly button so high up?

its freaky man surely it should be lower?

i would though!

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