Silver Lady? Is she, Sir? Really?

There are only so many sarcastic wanks a man can contain before the inevitable 194 Traf via Streathem to South Croydon (post Olympic) bus takes him away, Gentles.

I've just listened to KGB and God knows how many versions of Silver Lady and I've had enuf.

The kids have gone.

The wife left me years ago.

Now - even the dog pi55es in my slippers.

You're all cutns,

But I love you,

"Can't you find it in me, to """forgive me"""""" - Come on Silver Lady...

BITCH let me down one more time...

don't get me started on "Don't give up on us, Baby"
Yes, of COURSE pater but should one harry carry on-line? I mean, ought one to be the first one to plug in on the wer wer wer thingy, Dad? You twat?
Drunk I may be but finnesse I can spell.

Unless your Bear is Russian in which case:

It won't bang over FL450 and

She's not my type

Trickus Woos
Room 4
Under the bulb
Ploshny Gorad
Can someone, anyone, explain to me what the HELL is the purpose of this rant???


Kit Reviewer
I dont know. But, by god, this looks like good fun.

My good man, what is troubling your poor soul?
returned from abys (nr Brcn)

CC - chems?

Issit chemo lad?


Butt can ai av your house?

Is it Joseph Parry's bloody cottage again, cos if it is then I spunked on it in 92.


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