Silver Lady? Is she, Sir? Really?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo56, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. There are only so many sarcastic wanks a man can contain before the inevitable 194 Traf via Streathem to South Croydon (post Olympic) bus takes him away, Gentles.

    I've just listened to KGB and God knows how many versions of Silver Lady and I've had enuf.

    The kids have gone.

    The wife left me years ago.

    Now - even the dog pi55es in my slippers.

    You're all cutns,

    But I love you,

    "Can't you find it in me, to """forgive me"""""" - Come on Silver Lady...

    BITCH let me down one more time...

    don't get me started on "Don't give up on us, Baby"
  2. WOO? Is that you m'boy?
  3. Yes, Sir.


  4. Ti's I Father,

    and it's not funny and that ISN'T my mouth!
  5. Sorry son,

    Thought you were one of those Lynx bods,

    Won't happen again.

    (Don't tell your mother - there's a good chap!)
  6. Yes, of COURSE pater but should one harry carry on-line? I mean, ought one to be the first one to plug in on the wer wer wer thingy, Dad? You twat?
  7. Oh, I used to love sitting at the back of class with the crayons that stank of pi55.
  8. trickey put the chems away theres a good boy.... 8O
  9. oif youze con spil than they giv yz a komishn, ken?
  10. and be more politic in your rudery, young man. i may be drunk but i'm not ignorant. or welsh. or drunk. or nuffink.

    now go away

  11. thank you
  12. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Bit drunk are we? Good man
  13. Drunk I may be but finnesse I can spell.

    Unless your Bear is Russian in which case:

    It won't bang over FL450 and

    She's not my type

    Trickus Woos
    Room 4
    Under the bulb
    Ploshny Gorad
  14. But thanks for being so nice and all that,

    cheers, mate

    really, it means something, honest,

    now fukc orf and leave me alone
  15. Can someone, anyone, explain to me what the HELL is the purpose of this rant???