Silver bullion

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Fireplace, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. A mile deeper than Titanic. Thats quite some salvage achievement.

    Its interesting to speculate where salvage will go as technology improves and costs (maybe) come down. Not only bullion is attractive, but shallow wrecks are also targeted for copper and other ingot metals. Some of the very deep wrecks have the ships and cargoes extremely well preserved due to the abyssal conditions. Think of all those Lend-Lease wrecks full of aircraft, tanks, rifles, merlin engines and other sought-after high price militaria items.
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I keep meaning to buy OME shares.
  3. You didn`t mention Spitfires in an attempt to keep them for yourself.
  4. Not a great movie if Hollywood had anything to do withit. As I have often said, they could bugger a thirty minute documentary on water flowing downhill.
  5. Okay how about Bollywood?, just throw in a scene with a gang rape or two then finish off with a big musical number.... would be great.