silly wearing of army kit in the civvy world

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by londonirish, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. While I can see that for people of a certain age, some items of military dress may afford a certain "urban-chic", such as WW11 leather jerkins, old great coats and so on, other stuff just looks plain stooopid.

    Here is a chap on the Chiswick High Road today. Keen to diguise himself obviously, wearing shades on a cloudy day.

    I can understand, kind of, an attractive girl wearing , say, a number one blues jacket, as I espied the other day, but a bloke in his early 30s wearing number twos? Per-leez

    Any more? :roll:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. oh, hang on, I cant seem to upload the photos, right size and all, are you meant to do it as an attachment? doh
  3. I don't think I'd fit in mine anymore :oops:
    I only kept a jumper because they were dammed warm. I still regret not keeping my Pro Boots though.
  4. Saddest thing I used to see was the el-saddo Snr rank(s) who could be seen man about town in Ron Hills/Jeans with army issue green socks and alf tupper green/grey trainers ..................very sad
  5. i know this is a bone question, but how can I upload the phots of the walt in question? thanks all
  6. bloke came in to our TAC on tuesday night(2nd week in a row he has dressed like this) wearing combat strides and boots with twisters on and was told about 3 time by various people inc the spsi the man is a freak and turns out a bit of a gun nut
  7. Second this. I thought he was going to start humping my leg, when I showed him the inside of the Armoury. The temptation to lock him in there was huge.
  8. I've been out a number of years and I still ask for pussers socks for christmas! In fact I'm wearing a pair now

    I'm not sure whether C95's have hit the cat walk yet, doubt it, but some time in the future, some jaunty, crack head, indie band lead singer will be on TOTP's sporting a 95 desert issue job full of tac patches

    you mark my word
  9. Seen somewere selling No 2 jackets as "designer" and TK Maxx had a load of 68 pattern combat jackets in with timberland lables even still had the lable with the NATO stock No still on it had a new lable stiched over thats it :lol:
  10. right thats it, I am off to open a stall outside my local TKMax with all my old DPM stuff and I will undercut them and make lots and lots of lovely lolly :lol:
  11. i have now managed to upload the fashionista walt...enjoy
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    That's sad! Mind you,do you remember back in the late 80's NBC top's were all the rage?
  13. Saw a guy in Convent Garden, shopping with his girlfried in one of those womens clothes stores (I was standing outside letting my wife get on with it). He had tight jeans on, pointed leather shoes, one of those 5 o'clock shadow 'beards' ... and a No 1 RAF Aircraftsman jacket on. Looked totally ridiculous.
  14. With a bit of luck he'll get picked up by the RMPs for being improperly dressed. That would be interesting to see.
  15. it would be funny, but he's clearly a civvy so I don't think they would be allowed to, even to told him while they checked his identity and whether or not he was in service, but it would be bl00dy funny