Silly sweedish bints ran over

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by azahpm, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. did anyone else wacth that program on the bcc last night, trffic cops i think it was, motorway cameras spotted two women walking down the central reservation of the motorway and sent out highway maintenence to pick them up, upon seeing the vehicle, one of the women ran across the road and got hit by a car doing 70mph. the police were called out and it apeared the woman seemed to be ok. while being questioned on the hard shoulder, both women then ran across the motorway and the one that got hit by the car was then hit by a hgv, and the other by a car, ive never seen something so hilarious in my life, the bird that was ran over twice was comatose on the tarmac, while her mate got up, smacked the copper trying to help her, and then took six coppers to restain her! all the while she was shouting somebody help! call the police. all of it caught on camera.
    naturally i was pissing myself by this point. did anyone else see it?
  2. yep, i missed the bit when they first got hit, but the bint getting up smacking the copper and trying to leg it over the over carriage way was priceless :)
  3. Yup. It was worth a chuckle.

    The HGV driver was a bit shook up, but at least the football fans got to their game ;)
  4. Been done, with a link to the vid, although you have a more descriptive thread title

    can't link it from here some one else may though
  5. i cant belive that second bird took six fully grown men to take her out, i mean she was bigger than average size but fcuking hell, and after seeing the damage to the car that hit her it was lucky she was still standing, they must have been on crack or crystal meth to pull that one off, or long lost sisters of superman.
  6. some narcotic involvement methinks.
  7. 'kin 'ell!
    Find out what they were on and put it in the 24 hour rat packs.
  8. Of all the people involved with the police during the program, was there actually a British citizen among them. You had the two Swedish nutters.
    You had a fellow stopped in a white van when his vehicle popped up on the police's anpr system. After giving a false name, turned out had no licence,tax or insurance. Then turns out he came here ten years ago on a six months vistors visa but never went home. He was fined £800 for the vehicle offences. The Home Office wouldn't say if he would be deported or not.
    You then had the two Iranians caught walking on the hard shoulder who had just got out of a truck from Turkey. They were taken to the police station mainly because it was believed one was only 16 and social services would have to be involved. After some confusion it turns out he was 26. The film showed them leaving the police station with instructions from the police how to report to the London or Liverpool immigration office and report their arrival in the country. They were heading for London where they have friends but they have never reported to any immigration office.
    Next was the Estonian fellow who was clocked at 112mph on the motorway. He had no insurance, tax or legal UK driving license and was over the drink drive limit.
    There was Czech fellow pulled over who had a near bold nearside tyre.
    He gave the police officer his insurance certificate. The insurance certificate said he had a UK driving licence for 8 years and 8 years no claims. As he only actually had a Czech driving licence the officer phoned his insurance company to tell them they been told a whole load pf porky pies about him having a UK licence. The office was expecting the insurance company to say his policy was now null and avoid due to the porky pies and the police could could seize the car. He was taken aback when the insurance compnay said they would continue insuring him as he had a Czch licence but his premiums would increase.
    Did i miss anyone ?.
  9. I'll think you'll find they were Highways Agency Traffic Officers that attended not maintenance workers!! We are trained in traffic management, not fixing things :wink:

  10. You have my humble apologies, i bow to your motorway knolege and greatness... :D

  11. Youve got a good point there. Aside from the police was there anyone English featured? I find its getting more common for this kind of thing, where i live, if you read the local paper, of all the articles about house burgleries, thefts, drink driving(very common) most if not all seem to be commited by foreigners. there contries have joined the EU and have won the right to live and work in the UK, yet they simply come over and squander our soft law system. I feel a national riot is in order.
  12. What you'll find is like most cases it takes that many so that the person doesn't have to get hurt in the process. If one of them had been tasked to detain her it would have involved a few digs and some submission/restraints/pain compliance techniques. This way it just involves "Everyone grab a limb and lets go"
  13. Wish I could say the same - 99% of the people I have dealings with are White British, Male, unemployed and under 25
  14. Yes but shes only got four limbs.... anyway i think it was more to do with the fact shed just been tw@ted by a car at seventy and still had an abundence of enery, she must have been on something. too many blue smarties i think.