Silly, stupid or just downright weird cartoon thread.

Is that Horse (the cat from Footrot Flats) on the right?


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Reckon he's in the hallway, behind the room partition, with one eye open?
Nah, he's taking a crap in Fat Freddie's earphones...
Reminds me when I was in Rinteln seriously ill with pneumonia and they sent someone to ask if I'd be able to go on excercise the following week.
It was the only visit I got during my 2.5 week stay!
In 1994, I was in Rinteln in traction after playing my last ever rugby match. I got a phone call from the Tech Adjt who asked me why I hadn't submitted my weekly squadron equipment return. Having been in hospital for several days was apparently not an appropriate excuse and he gave me an extra for being late.

Fast forward a few weeks and I, surprisingly, didn't turn up for duty. The Adjt phoned the SSM and asked where I was, to be informed that I was on sick leave having just been released from hospital with a serious injury. At this point, the Adjt noticed that this was an extra and looked into who had awarded it and why. Having heard the tale he decided that the Tech Adjt should do the duty for being a chopper. Oh how we laughed.