Silly String

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tomahawk6, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. I'd heard that before somewhere but can't think where.

    Sure the QM's would love it if we indented for some silly string :lol:
  2. Nothing new here. It's an old concept but effective.
    We have been using it for years to trace and avoid trip wires.
  3. I first saw that Idea when I was about 11. There was some program on ITV (?) where they put a bunch of squadies from different nations, through their paces. One of the tests was Get down a body trapped Trail, and the Brits brought out a can of the stuff. IIRC they got the fastest time for that one.

    For the life of me I can't remember what the program was called.
  4. Blue Peter? :lol:
  5. I also remember that, and the fact that it caused a spot of bother at the time for revealing silly string secrets... Still can't rememer the name of the programme though.
  6. You are quite correct. The name escapes me also, but I believe the winners of that particular event were a team of Queens Own Highlanders round about 1983/84.
  7. Just got time before Match of the Day.....

    The show was called Combat, presented by Emlyn Hughes and some bint. The Paras won it cos the Jocks got lost in the landrover cross-country.

    And surely the first mention of the tactical use of Silly String was in Army Training News circa 1990, some loony WO2 Gren Gds type suggested it. He was a bit of a training Billy Whizz, loved improvising stuff, ideas etc.

    Ask me one on sport..... :wink:
  8. Billy,

    You could be right about the Paras winning the over all competition. As far as the use of the canned string is concerned, I still think that using it in the early eighties IE: when Combat was aired, preceeds the mention in dispatches that it got by said WO2 in 1990.
  9. Yeah but how you going to get it to iraq as crab air dont like aersols sounds mad but guess it works .
  10. Ah, Combat, what a cracking programme!

    Must have been a blindingly brilliant alternative to entering the battalanions' Cambrian team - and you get to appear on TV!

    Wasn't there a section on marksmanship with the Charlie G?
  11. IIRC the young subbie who was ic the winning platoon in the para's in the Combat programme,was the same one who a couple of years later took some of his men into a pub in N.I.To look for a weapon(i think it may have been a gimpy)that the KOSB had "lost" and they managed to find it rather quickly.But then again I could be talking bollox again. :roll:
  12. IIRC there was some AT work whith a Carl Gustav involved...
  13. You can send as many aerosols as you want via 'Crab Air' as long as long as they're permitted under ICAO regulations, you box them up correctly and send them under the correct DAC paperwork....


    THS - Current crab, ex-RGJ (never 'The Rifles').