Silly String - Booby Trap Detector

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by arakan, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. From New York:
    Mothers are sending son's serving in Iraq, cans of silly string. Seems the septics use it before entering a room, the plastic stuff travels about 12 feet lands on hidden trip wires. The strands are so light they don't trigger the explosives. ......!!!

    Well feck my old boots! Who'd a thought it?
  2. Didn't I see some infantry bods using this on some TV show in the 80s? Something like "Combat" or something? It's all a little hazy...
  3. You are quite right, Sections from different units competing against each other on different stands. One being booby traps, where the silly string was used by a number of teams to find trip wires. :D
  4. Personally, if someone is going to squirt something over a trip wire then I would rather it was the Royal Engineer types and not me.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    It was vaguely fashionable in the search world in the 80s.
  6. There was an article in "The Forces Favourite Newspaper" (TM) - The Sun - some time ago about how someone in the Brit army had worked out this as a way of defeating trip wires. Must be true then!

    Here's the link:
    Sun article

    (Can't test the link at the moment as the Sun site appears to be down right now. Apologies if I've cocked up).
  7. My neighbour ex-guards, said that they were using it in NI back in the 80's. Saved them sending home some of the guys in small polythene bags. A cracking idea.......
  8. It was genius once, until the bad guys in NI started using sensitive switches to defeat it (widely available switches I add, and not anything overly gucchi!) ....... not somethin I would like to try!
  9. Think about it,
    if you suspect that there is a tripwire there, then don't go near it.
    If the Sun is reporting this, then everyone knows. The most basic switch is the bare-wire loop. This can easily be made sensitive enough to function with silly string.
    Don't go on the casrep - "Injured by Silly String"
  10. Lol cos, that would be just plain...... silly!
  11. you can achieve the same wire clearing success with a monkey on acid
  12. or a badger on speed?
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Or some fuel/air munitions.Seen this done once,funking awesome!!!
  14. That article is a genuine Sun Original Scoop. Where would we be without The Sun?
    No wonder it's The Forces Favourite.